22 thoughts on “Kemp’s ridley turtles after BP disaster

  1. when so many species are in danger thanks to man, it’s really heartening to see something like this, and see the children learning abut the sacredness of other species and their mysterious lives. Thank you


    • Definitely.

      I do hope that later long term effects of the BP pollution will not affect the turtles and other wildlife.

      Welcome to my comment box; from now on, after your first comment, I won’t have to approve you any more 🙂


    • At WordPress, every time that someone comments at a blog for the first time, that comments lands in Pending, and has to be approved by the blog author. If the blog author then approves that comment, the next comments by that commenter will pass unmoderated.

      Usually I approve all comments; except abuse, or there was someone once who promoted anti-Semitism and Islamophobia which I don’t want on my blog. You are very definitely not in that category 🙂

      What do you mean by the ’round yellow circle’, please?


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