British Conservatives’ Russian oligarch money

This video says about itself:

Why are the UK’s poor getting poorer?

Impoverished Britain (1996) – The loss of minimum wage in Britain has resulted in the gap between the rich and the poor growing hugely.

‘Newtown’ just outside Birmingham is looking dirty, rundown and old. 50 % of its citizens are unemployed, living in grey tower blocks overlooking the urban devastation. The flats are poorly equipped with basic furnishings. All people can do is watch television.

As the rich people get richer, the poor get poorer.

Chris Pond from the Low Pay Unit blames poverty and hardship on the Conservative Government‘s free market economy and their opt out from the social chapter.

A tramp slumped on a bench with dirty blanket at his feet is a potent symbol of the such social deprivation. Loretta Matthews is surviving on £121 a week as a single parent with four children. Sometimes she cannot pay for her electricity and she has to sit in the dark. Or she sorts out her problems by drinking a bottle of brandy.

In Newtown itself, iron shutters and boarded up windows have replaced the shops. No one has any money to spend. Irene, aged 40, is too afraid to walk on streets in case she gets mugged.

By Conrad Landin and Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Tsars in her eyes

Friday 24th November 2017

Tory bank accounts hit new highs this quarter as rich donors ‘toff-shored’ them wads of cash. And the biggest spenders? Russian oligarchs.

THERESA MAY is being propped up by a shady outfit of oligarchs and oil barons, new figures reveal, with Russian tycoons leading the pack.

Just a week after the Prime Minister accused Russia of “meddling in elections” and “sowing discord in the West,” the Electoral Commission revealed that two major Tory donors have strong links to the country.

In contrast, Labour’s five biggest donors are all trade unions, according to the commission’s figures for the latest quarter.

The Tories registered a £161,000 donation from Lubov Chernukhin, who is married to Russia’s former deputy finance minister Vladimir Chernukhin.

Also donating £9,900 to the party was Ukrainian-born Alexander Temerko, director of oil giant OGN, who was charged with fraud and perverting the course of justice in Russia in 2002. It is alleged that he defrauded the Russian state-owned Rosneft of shares in another company.

Britain refused to extradite him, with judge Timothy Workman finding that Mr Temerko would be “prejudiced at his trial and punished or detained by reasons of his political opinions.”

In an article for Conservative Home last month he called for a change of party leadership, describing Theresa May as a “good caretaker” but said she cannot lead the Tories into the next election.

The Tories have also taken donations worth hundreds of thousands of pounds from other figures in the oil industry. One is Ian Taylor — the chief executive of Vitol, which was fined £13 million in 2007 after admitting paying kickbacks to an Iraqi state oil firm during Saddam Hussein’s reign.

In 2012 the company was found to be trading with Iranian oil companies in defiance of EU sanctions. The Tories reported two donations worth £113,783.44 from Mr Taylor — on top of the £325,000 he donated in June 2017.

Labour MP Alex Sobel told the Star: “It’s telling there were no new measures in the Budget to support renewables, as is the government’s clear support for fracking — which is clearly a break with our Paris agreement commitments.

“The choice facing Britain is between a Labour Party funded by the many — by its members and workers — and a Tory Party funded by a few millionaires.”

Palestinian oil magnate Amjad Bseisu, who enjoys lavish £240 dinners in exclusive Mayfair clubs while discussing oil prices, donated £20,500 to the Tories in the last quarter. He is the chief executive of EnQuest — one of the biggest independent companies operating in North Sea oil.

The oil boss has attended meetings of the Conservatives’ Leader’s Group donor club, which offers access to the Prime Minister and senior members of the Cabinet for a £50,000 annual fee. The Tories committed to continue support for the oil industry in their 2017 manifesto, pledging more cash for the sector.

THE Tories like to pose as the down-to-earth patriotic party. They want everyone to believe they are the party of “common sense” and British institutions. But when it comes down to it they’d rather hand things over to Russian oligarchs or snake oil salesman management consultants: here.

15 thoughts on “British Conservatives’ Russian oligarch money

  1. Friday 24th November 2017

    LABOUR condemned reforms to the disastrous universal credit scheme as “feeble” yesterday, arguing that the supposed improvements will only worsen the suffering of hard-up claimants.

    Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke has announced a £1.5 billion package of measure to “improve” the scheme that has seen claimants fall into rent arrears and even evicted from their homes.

    The measure includes an advance loans system which will allow 100 per cent of a payment to be available as an interest-free loan instead of 50 per cent, and repayable over 12 months instead of six. Claimants can access the loans from January.

    However shadow chancellor John McDonnell pointed out in the Commons that households in financial hardship do not need more debt.

    Despite evidence that universal credit is driving more people to use food banks, the government decided to push on with the scheme’s roll-out in Wednesday’s budget.


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