‘Anti-fracking is terrorism’, British police says

This video from the USA says about itself:

6 May 2013

Fracking endangers national parks.

Apparently companies mining for energy don’t have to be within the boundaries of a National Park to cause harm to it.

Fracking — the practice of hydraulic shale fracturing to extract natural gas — has become popular around several parks and its effects upon them are being increasingly noticed.

According to a report put together by the National Parks Conservation Association, a watchdog group, North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park is particularly vulnerable.

Known for its stargazing opportunities, the night sky has been compromised by both the light coming from surrounding fracking sites and an increase in noise pollution. It’s suspected that water pollution will soon follow.

The opening of multitudes of natural gas extraction sites has also created job opportunities, causing the area to experience a population boom. Due to a shortage in permanent housing, many new residents have been forced to live in the park’s campgrounds.

Another National Parks matter of great concern to environmentalists is a Glacier National Park concessions bid put in by Xanterra Parks and Resorts.

The company is a subsidiary of Anschutz Exploration Corporation, an energy company currently drilling on an Indian reservation just outside of Glacier National Park’s boundaries.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Anti-fracking protesters branded ‘terrorists’

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Campaigners added to list of terror groups along with Isis

COPPERS in Yorkshire have added anti-fracking campaigns to a list of terror groups alongside Isis that require “monitoring and intervention,” a York local radio station revealed yesterday.

Anti-fracking campaigners reacted with shock at the move which is part of the government’s controversial “anti-terror” Prevent programme.

The environmental campaigners — who have staged a number of peaceful protests in the area — have been included in the City of York’s “Prevent Story Board” which identifies potential terrorist threats based on information from the police.

“I am shocked to hear that York’s peaceful and creative opposition to the government’s energy and climate agenda is now classed as terrorism,” said York Green councillor Lars Kramm.

“Anti-fracking protesters in Yorkshire and across the country deserve praise for their actions, not legal proceedings and stigmatisation as terrorists.”

The board also suggests that York faces risks from activity relating to Syria, anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian activities, hunt saboteurs, animal rights and extreme right-wing groups.

Frack Free York’s Leigh Coghill said: “People opposed to fracking are just ordinary peaceful residents who come from all walks of life and share concerns about the environmental and economic downsides of fracking.

“They have opposed specific planning applications and government policy through completely peaceful demonstrations in very close liaison with the police, with whom we have an excellent relationship.”

Music teacher and father of three Ian Conlan of Frack Free Ryedale argued that the Prevent strategy should focus on preventing terrorism and not “peaceful expressions of legitimate opinions and campaigning, which includes the right to protest.”

Anti-fracking groups and activities are widespread across North Yorkshire, which has been targeted by the government and fracking companies as ripe for exploitation by the controversial oil extraction process.

18 thoughts on “‘Anti-fracking is terrorism’, British police says

  1. This is a very divisive condition here in Australia… One state, ‘Victoria’ has banned fracking to the relief of many. However, it still endangers many parts of Australia, and, no doubt, the world… And all for profit…


  2. Tuesday 13th December 2016

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    YORKSHIRE anti-fracking activists demanded yesterday that police and councillors take them off a list of “potential terrorists.”

    York City Council announced last week that the environmental campaigners were lumped in with jihadists and fascists on a list drawn up under the government’s much-criticised Prevent strategy.

    Prevent is meant to tackle recruitment of young people by extremists but it has been condemned as racist towards Muslims and interpreted broadly by local authorities.

    Some bodies have stuck Palestine solidarity and anti-hunting groups on their “terror” lists, along with people who want to stop toxic drilling for shale gas and oil.

    Rural North Yorkshire is being targeted by the government and fracking companies as ripe for exploitation, despite the risks to health and the environment associated with the process.

    Frack-Free Ryedale’s Dr Tim Thornton said: “All the people I know who oppose fracking are ordinary law-abiding residents. Among them are a retired bishop, many local farmers, parents, grandparents, doctors, solicitors and local councillors.

    “The Home Office has publicly agreed fracking has nothing to do with terrorism. It concerns me therefore that councillors and school pupils have been given a different portrayal in Prevent training sessions.”

    Liberal Democrat councillor Di Keal said: “We are calling on the government and police to take immediate action to remove all references to anti-fracking campaigners from their own and partner organisation Prevent policies, including questionnaires and training materials.”



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  7. Thursday 5th October 2017

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    Campaigners expose document on dealing with anti-frackers

    A POLICE memo advising how to deal with anti-fracking protesters in North Yorkshire refers to the use of “potentially lethal force.”

    Peace campaigners obtained the blueprint through a freedom of information request.

    But North Yorkshire Police insisted they were impartial towards fracking, and said it was “false to suggest potentially lethal force” would be used against protesters.

    However, anti-fracking campaigners, who have established a permanent protest camp outside a fracking site in North Yorkshire, said police have shared the Operation Kingfisher memo with fracking firm Third Energy, which is drilling on a site known as KM8 near the village of Kirby Misperton in Ryedale near the North York Moors National Park — proof that they were “cosying up” to the fracking firms, according to campaigners.

    The FOI request was submitted by Frack Free Ryedale member Russell Scott.

    He said the document states “potentially lethal force may only be used where absolutely necessary and in very limited circumstances defined under the European Commission on Human Rights Article 2(2), such as self-defence or to protect the lives of others.”

    Mr Scott said the contents of the memorandum “have shocked the peaceful anti-fracking campaign in Ryedale.”

    The campaigners have established a permanent “Kirby Misperton Protection Camp” at the drilling site.

    Local Liberal Democrat councillor Di Keal said: “All the campaigners are trying to do is protest against an industry that thousands of people do not want to see industrialise our countryside and put public health and the local economy at risk and they have a legal right to do so.”

    Mr Scott rejected the police’s claim that they were acting impartially. He said: “The memo has received no public consultation which is simply not acceptable considering the huge opposition to fracking in Ryedale.

    “Furthermore the draft document also discusses the use of ‘potential lethal force’ on protesters which is quite staggering considering the peaceful nature of the anti-fracking community.”

    York Labour MP Rachael Maskell visited the protest camp at Kirby Misperton yesterday to show her support for the protesters.

    She said: “The world is paying a heavy price for irresponsible decisions over energy production and use as climate change continues to accelerate, and if politicians do not heed this urgent message, then it is vital that citizens are allowed to use the power of protest to wake politicians up to this catastrophic reality.”



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