Kentucky fracked fish, not Kentucky Fried Chicken

This video from the USA says about itself:

Fracking Spill Likely Caused Death of Kentucky Fish


29 Aug 2013

A study released Wednesday found a fracking fluid spill likely caused widespread death of fish in a Kentucky stream.

From Reuters:

Spilled Fracking Fluid Likely Killed Kentucky Fish

(Reuters) – Hydraulic fracturing fluids that spilled into a Kentucky creek in 2007 likely caused “widespread death or distress” to fish, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” has revitalized U.S. oil and gas production in recent years but also prompted charges that it damages the environment, causes minor earthquakes and contaminates drinking water.

The USGS and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service initiated a study of Acorn Fork, a small Appalachian creek in southeastern Kentucky, following a release of fracking fluids from nearby natural gas wells in 2007 and after a local resident complained that fish had been dying.

“Hydraulic fracturing fluids are believed to be the cause of the widespread death or distress of aquatic species in Kentucky’s Acorn Fork … ,” the agency said in a statement dated Aug 28.

The fish in question were the blackside dace, which is on a federal list of threatened species, and the more common creek chub and green sunfish.

(Reporting by Sabina Zawadzki; Editing by Gerald E. McCormick and John Wallace)

This video from the USA says about itself:

Blackside Dace at CFI 2011

These incredible little minnows have just about reached peak spawning condition! Blackside dace, Chrosomus (formerly Phoxinus) cumberlandensis, are found in small streams tributary to the Cumberland River in Tennessee and Kentucky. Many of these streams are heavily impacted by coal mining! These and many other species of minnows often spawn in association with larger, nest-building fishes like stonerollers and larger chubs. Notice, we have a male stoneroller in with these to perhaps help stimulate spawning. We have also constructed a “chub nest” of pebbles for them to spawn over.

38 thoughts on “Kentucky fracked fish, not Kentucky Fried Chicken

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  3. There’s no amount of transparency that will make fracking safe, but disclosure of the chemicals used in the process will give communities more power to fight back.

    EPA is accepting public comments on whether or not to require fracking companies to disclose the toxic chemicals they use. Please join Food & Water Watch in telling EPA that fracking chemicals must be exposed.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Bob Fertik


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    The Chemicals Used in Fracking Should Not Be a Secret.
    Tell the EPA: Require Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals!

    Every Person Deserves Clean, Safe Water

    Ray Kemble outside US EPA

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    Dear Activist,

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    Demand that the EPA expose the chemicals being pumped underground by fracking companies.

    This scenario is a reality for a growing number of U.S. communities, like Dimock, PA. Ray Kemble, pictured to the right, became a vocal advocate for his community’s right to clean water after the gas industry ruined his water supply. The situation in Dimock has gotten so bad that Ray and his neighbors need to have clean water shipped in. It’s unacceptable that any community in the U.S. should be put through this, but collectively, we can do something about it.

    The EPA recently opened up a public comment period on whether or not to require fracking companies to reveal the chemicals they use, many of which we know to be carcinogens or endocrine disruptors.

    Stand with people like Ray — demand that the EPA require disclosure of fracking chemicals.

    Despite the serious risks involved in fracking, the process is exempt from key pieces of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, and it hasn’t happened by accident. The oil and gas industry has spent years — and millions of dollars — lobbying Congress to keep the chemicals they use a secret, and to put their profits over our basic right to a healthy environment. And there’s no end to how low the industry will sink to protect their bottom line. One company recently attempted to pay off Pennsylvania residents to exempt them from legal liability for any current or future mishaps.

    The list of underhanded industry tactics is too long to fit in an email, so let me make one thing clear: there’s no amount of transparency that will make fracking safe. Disclosure of the chemicals used in the process will give communities more power to fight back, but if your water is being poisoned, the real solution is to stop the poisoning. That’s why we need a ban on fracking across the country, and more urgently than ever — chemical spills associated with drilling and fracking were up 17% last year.

    Tell the EPA to take the first step and require disclosure of the toxic chemicals used in fracking.

    It’s the job of the Environmental Protection Agency to protect us from polluting special interests like the oil and gas industry. We know they’re going to fight new regulations tooth and nail, so we need to flood the EPA’s inbox with our outrage so that frackers can’t get away with contaminating our water in secrecy.

    Make sure the EPA does its job to protect the public by submitting your comment today.

    Thanks for taking action,

    Katy Kiefer
    Activist Network Coordinator
    Food & Water Watch


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