‘Humanitarian’ Iraq, Libya wars, their bloody consequences

This video says about itself:

Regime Change in Libya Mirrors Iraq: Both Efforts Led to Failed States & Destabilized Region

26 August 2016

As we speak with scholar Vijay Prashad about how the United States carried out regime change in Libya and left behind a failed state, he notes: “The story in Libya is not dissimilar to the story in Iraq.” Both are politically divided societies in which the United States deposed long-entrenched leaders, Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and left behind failed states. Prashad adds that “in both instances, when the strongman was captured … they said, ‘We are ready to negotiate,’ and the United States essentially was not interested in negotiating.” He says the outcome in Libya contributed to the destabilization of Mali, Tunisia and much of northern Africa.

Libya’s Tobruk parliament refuses to recognize Western-backed government: here.

‘ABANDONED IN IRAQ’ “The true story of U.S. soldiers left for dead in Iraq, their epic battle for survival, and the military cover-up that kept them silent — until now.” [Rolling Stone]

The perils of humanitarian wars. In Perilous Interventions, Hardeep Singh Puri, an astute observer of the limits of the ‘responsibility to protect’ doctrine, explores the failure of the UNSC on several accounts, especially its decision to intervene in Libya militarily: here.

30 thoughts on “‘Humanitarian’ Iraq, Libya wars, their bloody consequences

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  2. Here’s a blast from the past – a while back, famed director and activist Oliver Stone recorded a video to support the Grayson campaign. Here’s what he said:

    In 1967-1968 I went to Vietnam as a combat infantryman. I wanted to go, I volunteered, and I saw a good deal of action. I didn’t understand exactly what I was fighting for. Certainly it took me years to understand. Now I do.

    I support Congressman Alan Grayson because he supports peace – and I’m asking for you to support him >>

    I thought we had woken up from the nightmare of war, but we didn’t. And we kept going back to wars in my lifetime. The Cold War became the War against Terrorism, and it continues. Two wars in Iraq, one in Afghanistan.

    The world is becoming more and more militarized. We need clarity. Congressman Grayson speaks out for the people who are trying to analyze and see through this morass. And he is a strong voice, he doesn’t back down, he doesn’t change his tune. He says it no matter what pressure is brought to bear on him; he sticks to his points, and his guns.

    Join our movement for peace by contributing $3 or more to Alan Grayson’s election campaign >>

    He’s the kind of guy I like, because he’s not just a warrior, but a warrior for peace.


    Oliver Stone

    Our primary election is next Tuesday. Please help our campaign for justice, equality and peace


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