6 thoughts on “British Conservative, Blairite politicians’ moonlighting

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  2. IAN AUSTIN has been the second right-wing Labour MP to face disciplinary proceedings after allegations of abusive conduct.

    The Dudley MP is being investigated by Labour officials after allegations that he attempted to physically intimidate Labour chairman Ian Lavery in Parliament.

    He is alleged to have called Mr Lavery a “f***ing bastard” and a “wanker.”

    Mr Austin, who has been a longstanding critic of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of Labour, follows Margaret Hodge, who is also facing a potential investigation for allegedly calling Mr Corbyn an “anti-semite.”

    Over this weekend, Mr Austin accused Mr Corbyn of “supporting” anti-semites and claimed that Labour is an “extreme” party under the new leadership, saying that he was “ashamed” of the Labour Party.

    Mr Austin has long been mired by accusations of bullying — most recently against Corbyn loyalist Chris Williamson, who he allegedly hurled abuse at in Parliament.



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