Oil corporations threaten Canadian birds

This video is called Birds and Canada’s Tar Sands: Why America’s Number 1 Source of Oil is Removing Millions of Birds.

From BirdLife:

Danger in the Nursery


Strip-mining for tar sands, a source of low-grade oil, is damaging forest and wetland habitats in Canada’s boreal forest. A report, Danger in the Nursery, from the Boreal Songbird Initiative, Natural Resources Defense Council and Pembina Institute, warns that over the next 30 to 50 years up to 300,000 hectares of forest and wetland could be directly affected, while habitat fragmentation, pollution and hydrological changes would affect a much larger area.

The report says that almost all the world’s biggest oil companies are involved in tar sands extraction in an area of north eastern Alberta which supports at least 292 species of breeding birds.

Among globally threatened species are Rusty Blackbird Euphagus carolinus and Sprague’s Pipit Anthus spragueii (both Vulnerable), and Olive-sided Flycatcher Contopus cooperi (Near Threatened). The only wild, migratory population of Whooping Crane Grus americana (Endangered) nests at Wood Buffalo National Park to the north, and migrates over the tar sands region, occasionally stopping over at boreal wetlands.

Many of the most abundant songbirds and waterbirds of the Americas also breed in the “bird nursery” of the boreal forest, and are already suffering declines because of logging, and degradation of their migration staging sites.

Alberta tar sands get the cinematic treatment deserving of a nasty, nasty industry: here.

The world’s last remaining “pristine” forest – the boreal forest across large stretches of Russia, Canada and other northern countries – is under increasing threat, a team of international researchers has found: here.

Oil sands pollution in Canada worse than industry and government claim, by Jeremy Hance: here.

Crude Awakening: Audubon Magazine Tells the Tale of Tar Sands and Bird Habitat.

More regulation needed for Canada oil sands: report: here.

The tar sands mining project in Alberta, Canada, is possibly the largest industrial project in human history and critics claim it could also be the most destructive: here.

Annual bird mortality in tar sands tailings ponds exceeds government/industry figures: Study: here.

New Study Links Toxic Pollutants to Alberta Tar Sands: here.

“Building tar sands pipeline to the US is like a heroin addict shoving a dirty needle needle into his arm for his last fix.” Here.

Once on the Fast Track, Tar Sands Pipeline Faces Tougher Scrutiny: here.

Canada’s tar sands “the most destructive practice on earth” approved for the US: here.

Neil Young benefit tour inspires ex-oilsands worker: Proceeds from concerts to Athabascan Chipewyan First Nation’s fight: here.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the first ever tar sands mine in the US. That’s right, the dirtiest oil on earth is coming to Utah: here.

Canadian Rain Forest Edges Oil Pipeline Path: here.

The Premier of Quebec affirms plans to preserve 50% of the boreal forest, home to large numbers of migratory birds: here.

Rusty blackbirds: here.

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17 thoughts on “Oil corporations threaten Canadian birds


    Urge President Obama to Say No to Filthy Canadian Tar Sands

    By Ecological Internet’s Climate Ark & Forests.org projects
    http://www.climateark.org/ and http://forests.org/
    February 5, 2009


    Canadian government wants special treatment for the
    world’s dirtiest oil. In first overseas trip, President
    Obama must stand strong on clean energy and sufficient
    climate policies.

    On February 19, President Obama travels to Canada on his
    first presidential visit abroad, where he will face
    pressure from the Government of Canada to support
    production of Alberta tar sands oil. Called oil sands by
    proponents, tar sands are the very dirtiest of fossil
    fuels. Producing oil from tar sands emits three times the
    global warming pollution as conventional oil, requires
    excessive amounts of energy and fresh water, and destroys
    huge swaths of ancient boreal forest.

    President Barack Obama must be strongly encouraged to
    stand strong on his new energy economy agenda and
    commitment to urgently address climate change, and reject
    entreaties from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to
    shelter the dirtiest oil on Earth from global warming
    regulation. Let the President know how seriously you take
    climate change, urging him to reject tar sands and
    support further immediate urgent action in pursuit of
    sufficient climate change policies.





    Hillary’s Choice: Urge Secretary of State Clinton to Reject Deadly Tar Sands Oil Pipelines

    By Ecological Internet’s Climate Ark Climate Change Portal
    July 29, 2009


    Alberta Canada’s tar sands development is the most ecologically destructive project in the world; destroying vast natural water rich boreal ecosystems, perpetuating global addiction to fossil fuels, and ensuring abrupt climate change. Tar sands and their pipelines must be stopped using all means necessary. Please start by protesting for disapproval of massive pipelines which will facilitate continued fossil fuel dependency,




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