US, British soldiers staying in Iraq, for humanitarianism or for oil?

Oil and ISIS in Iraq and Syria

From daily The Guardian in Britain today:

Iraq crisis: UK and US will maintain military presence, says Cameron

British PM hails ‘good news’ that made US call off planned rescue mission of thousands of Yazidis on Mount Sinjar

These headlines, and this article, don’t mention some sides of this issue.

Cameron‘s ‘good news’ is that on Mount Sinjar, there turned out to be less Yazidi refugees than expected, and in a better condition than expected.

However, this Guardian article omits who did most to practically save Yazidi refugees’ lives: the Leftist Kurdish Workers Party PKK from Turkey, and their Syrian Kurdish allies. Maybe there is such a silence in mainstream media on the PKK’s role, because, at the request of the Turkish government, the PKK is on NATO countries’ lists of terrorists (like Nelson Mandela used to be until 2008)? Not this Guardian article, but another Guardian article, breaks the silence on this.

So, British and United States soldiers will not rescue Yazidis, already rescued by ‘terrorist’ Kurds, contrary to expectations. Then, why will these soldiers stay in Iraq, as Mr Cameron says? Because of the oil wells near Erbil, not so far from Mount Sinjar?

See also here.

Obama to end humanitarian airdrops in Iraq but air strikes will continue: here.

The Obama administration Thursday backed off from a “humanitarian” intervention that had already seen the deployment of some 130 US Special Operations troops, claiming that a supposedly desperate crisis threatening tens of thousands of Yazidi refugees with imminent death no longer existed: here.

The U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq are all about oil: here.

The Obama administration has dropped the humanitarian pretence as it expands the US air war in Iraq against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militias. Initially justified as necessary to protect threatened Iraqi minorities and American personnel in Iraq, the air strikes over the weekend were in support of a military offensive by Iraqi and Kurdish forces to recapture the Mosul dam: here.

Iraq airstrikes are strategic, not humanitarian: here.

German army intervenes in Iraq: here.

The vomit-inducing hypocrisy of Western leaders should not be allowed to blind us to the plight of the Yazidis, Christians and others fleeing barbarism in Iraq, Syria and now Lebanon: here.

Iraqi author writes of U.S. destructive role in her country: here.

Yazidi activist claims President Obama’s statement that a military evacuation of Mount Sinjar was no longer necessary encouraged Isis militants: here.

‘Open for business’ American-style: The military-industrial complex in Iraq (Psst… Wanna buy an M1 tank?): here.

43 thoughts on “US, British soldiers staying in Iraq, for humanitarianism or for oil?

  1. Jelpke: PKK, not US planes, saved tens of thousands

    German Left Party (Die Linke) MP Ulla Jelpke, who is in Rojava, said that the PKK was ‘a guarantee of life’ for Yezidis and Christians in South Kurdistan and Iraq. Jelpke recalled that while the PKK is on EU and US ‘terror lists’, ISIS terrorists had carried out attacks in Syria using NATO member Turkey’s territory.

    In a press statement regarding the situation of the tens of thousands of refugees who fled Sinjar, Ulla Jelpke stressed that it was not the US air strikes that were protecting the people from ISIS massacres. Jelpke drew attention to the role played by the PKK and YPG in preventing massacres, adding: “the US bombardment of ‘jihadis’ who have taken over towns and villages in Nortern Iraq only puts the civilian population in danger. The Kurdish militia, in particular the PKK guerrillas, are putting up the most active defence against these terrorist gangs.”

    ‘Allah and the PKK saved us’, they said

    Jelpke noted that many people who had been rescued from the threat of slaughter had told her, ‘Allah and the PKK eventually saved us.’ She added: “PKK guerrillas and the Rojava militia (YPG-YPJ) in alliance with them succeeded in opening a corridor from the mountains of Sinjar to the Syrian border for the refugees. In this way in the last few days tens of thousands of people, in particular Yezidis, have managed to escape the ISIS butchers.”

    Ulla Jelpke drew attention to the fact that the refugees needed humanitarian aid, saying that there was a shortage of food and medical supplies on account of Turkey’s embargo towards Rojava.

    ‘Support from Turkey and the Gulf for ISIS must end’

    The Die Linke MP added that the PKK was a guarantee of safety for the Yezidis and Christians in northern regions of Iraq, warning the US and European governments about their policies towards Turkey. Jelpke concluded by saying: “while the PKK is still on the US terror list, ISIS murderers fighting in the name of Allah are using Turkish territory to carry out attacks in Syria. If the US government and its allies are going to wage a serious struggle against ISIS, they must first end the support for the ‘jihadis’ coming from Turkey and the Gulf states.”

    Source: ANF – QAMISHLO 11-08-2014


  2. Maxmur area entirely cleansed of gangs

    The Maxmur (Makhmour) Resistance Forces yesterday recaptured the town of Maxmur and surrounding villages from ISIS gangs following a counter attack.

    While weapons and ammunition abandoned by the gangs was collected, residents began to return to their homes.

    Following an operation launched yesterday by the Maxmur Resistance Forces consisting of the HPG-YJA STAR, Peshmerga and militia, this morning was calm after 5 days of fighting.

    An ANF correspondent in Maxmur reports that equipment left behind by ISIS gangs in Maxmur and the nearby town of Gwer is being collected.

    While the Maxmur Resistance Forces are stepping up their precautions against possible new attacks in the region, local residents have begun to return home. A clean up is also being undertaken at the Maxmur refugee camp, but the residents of the camp have yet to return. A decision on this is expected to be made by the camp administration.

    ISIS gangs wanting to attack Hewler and Kirkuk launched an assault on the town of Maxmur, 40 km south of Hewler, and the nearby refugee camp on 6 August. The Maxmur Resistance Forces had evacuated civilians from the area the day before. The gangs captured the town of Maxmur and some nearby villages and tried to enter the refugee camp. On the morning of 10 August the Maxmur Resistance Forces launched a major operation, firstly retaking the town of Gwer and then the town of Maxmur and surrounding villages.

    Weapons left behind by ISIS:

    Some of the weapons abandoned by the fleeing ISIS gangs include: 2 military vehicles, a B-7 rocket launcher, 21 B-7 rockets, 4 anti-tank mines, 2 anti-aircraft guns, 8 mortar shells and large quantities of ammunition.

    Source: ANF – MAXMUR 11.08.2014


    Guerrillas arrive in Lalesh

    HPG-YHA STAR guerrilla units from the Medya Defence Areas have reached the Yezidis’ most sacred place, Lalesh, to protect it from attack.

    The guerrillas said they would defend the Yezidi Kurds against all manner of brutal attacks.

    HPG-YJA STAR guerrillas are continuing to take measures to protect Yezidi Kurds against ISIS gang attacks.

    After Sinjar, Maxmur and Kirkuk, a large detachment of HPG-YHA STAR guerrillas has arrived in the Lalesh area, and immediately taken up defensive positions.
    Guerrillas in Lalesh explained their feelings to ANF.

    YJA STAR guerrilla, Şilan, said as women guerrillas they were prepared to defend the people against all kinds of savage attack. She added: We have come to Lalesh from the Medya Defence Areas to defend our Yezidi people.”

    Guerrilla Rizgar said they had come to protect the Yezidi people and holy sites such as Lalesh, and that they would not permit ISIS gangs to attack the people. “It is our first duty to defend our people”, he added. Rizgar said they would never allow another massacre of the Yezidi people.

    Following the ISIS assault on Sinjar on 3 August, YPG fighters and HPG-YJA STAR guerrillas sent large forces to the region to save the tens of thousands of people taking refuge on Mount Sinjar from the threat of massacre.

    The resistance forces engaged in fierce clashes with the gangs, opening a corridor through which tens of thousands of people were taken to safety in Rojava.

    HPG-YJA STAR guerrillas also sent detachments to the Maxmur (Makhmour) area which was threatened by ISIS, evacuating the residents of the refugee camp there. After 5 days fighting the gangs were repulsed and Maxmur was made safe.

    As we departed Lalesh, the guerrillas and the people demonstrated their determination to defend the region by shouting slogans such as “Long Live President Apo”, “Long Live Kurdish Unity”, “Long Live the Resistance” and “Victory”.

    Source: ANF – LALESH 13-08-2014


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