Shell still wants Arctic oil

This video says about itself:

Save The Arctic / Greenpeace trolls Shell at Formula 1 event

27 August 2013

This is the video Shell and Formula 1 had removed from YouTube several times. Corporate censorship on a video with content that’s utterly not infringing, just bad publicity. They tried removing this entry three times as well, but I kept denying their claim and re-uploading it – telling them to point out exactly what is infringing about the content.

So Shell, you’re censoring YouTube aye? That’s a way to destroy your brand even more spectacularly than just having no moral, ethical and future-minded basis on your decision to destroy even more of the earth. Use your size for change and to push clean energy forward, not for repeating something that’s so obviously, devastatingly, evidently wrong.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Shell cuts spending but still aims for Arctic

Friday 30th January 2015

Environmentalists hit out yesterday at Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic this year.

The oil giant made the announcement as it revealed it was cutting spending over the next three years by almost £10 billion in response to sliding prices.

Shell said it wants to pursue Arctic oil exploration if it gets the right permits.

Greenpeace campaigner Charlie Kronick said: “Despite announcing cuts, Shell hasn’t taken the opportunity to cut its most high-cost high-risk project.

Shell is taking a massive risk doggedly chasing oil in the Arctic, not just with shareholder value, but with the pristine Arctic environment.

“A spill there will be environmentally and financially catastrophic. It’s time for investors to recognise that it’s impossible for Shell to justify its continued pursuit of offshore Arctic oil.”

The new bid to drill in the Alaskan Arctic comes despite previous problems including the Kulluk running aground as it was being towed across the Gulf of Alaska in 2012.

Shell is so anti-environment that they now even have a conflict with Prince Charles of Britain:

Shell has left an influential climate change lobbying group sponsored by the Prince of Wales amid concern about the company’s attitude to environmental issues.

The oil major has left the Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group, which includes Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco and Unilever, and which has played an important role in lobbying for legislation such as the climate change act. That act commits the UK to reducing its carbon emissions by at least 80 per cent from what they were in 1990 by 2050.

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