ISIS torture based on Guantanamo torture

This video from the USA is called STILL Think Waterboarding Isn’t Torture? Try it Bush.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“James Foley waterboarded by ISIS

Update: Thursday 28 Aug 2014, 23:29

ISIS fighters in Syria have tortured at least four prisoners by waterboarding, The Washington Post reports. One of the victims was the American journalist James Foley, who was later beheaded.

In waterboarding someone gets a cloth over one’s face, then water is thrown over it. This leads to a feeling of drowning. The United States used the method often in Guantánamo Bay, until President Obama banned it.

ISIS has copied more Guantánamo techniques. Eg, ISIS prisoners also wear orange overalls and they are sometimes subjected to mock executions.

What to Do About ISIS: here.

Pentagon Confirms ISIS Leader Was Held by U.S. at Abu Ghraib in 2004: here.

45 thoughts on “ISIS torture based on Guantanamo torture

  1. Oh Kitty, this is so horrible. The world doesn’t need or even perhaps has a devil. Human beings torture each other so much hell may well be here. That is why we must work hard.we must focus on putting light in the world. We must push away the darkness. Light and love dear friends, Barbara


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  4. Women to take to the streets against ISIS on September 1

    Women affiliated to DİSK, KESK, TMMOB and TTB staged sit-in at Istanbul’s Galatasary Square to protest the massacre and abduction of women by the so-called Islamic State gangs.

    “Women want peace” read the banner held by demonstrators on behalf of whom KESK Istanbul Branch Spokesperson Fadime Kavak made a statement to the press.

    Kavak recalled that Yezidis, one of the ancient peoples and faith groups in the Middle East, have been attacked by ISIS gangs who at the same time destroyed their sacred sites and living space.

    Kavak stressed that “It is ISIS gangs and the states conniving at them that are perpetrating the most disgusting sorts of attack on the body and soul of women. We, the women in these lands torn by war, know each other and do not surrender to the massacres that are intended to be passed off on us as fate. We will not be the victims of another war in the Middle East.”

    Kavak said they would be struggling against ISIS gangs that are committing inhuman crimes against humanity, people and women, and called on all women to take to the streets on September 1 World Peace Day to stand against violence, rape, massacre and war the male-dominant mentality deems them worthy of.
    Source: ANF – ISTANBUL 27-08-2014


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