British Labour party, don’t use sleazy G4S corporation

This video says about itself:

G4S in ‘Torture’ Claims Probe at Mangaung Correctional Centre, South Africa

28 okt. 2013

**Shocking. A South African prison run by British security firm G4S (formerly Group 4 Securicor) has been accused of torturing inmates with electric shocks and subjecting them to forced injections.

The Wits Justice Project – part of the journalism department of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg – obtained footage showing alleged abuse inside the high security prison. In addition, a staff member at the prison hospital said inmates were injected with Clopixol Depot, Risperdal, Etomine and Modecate – anti-psychotic drugs that can cause memory loss, muscle rigidity and strokes. The South African government took over operations from G4S after finding it had “lost effective control over the prison” in the wake of a series of stabbings, riots, strikes and a hostage taking.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Campaign pleads for Labour to shun G4S

Tuesday 16th September 2014

Campaigners in Manchester are calling on Labour not to use disgraced firm G4S to provide security at its annual conference in the city.

Manchester Stop G4S campaigners will stage a demonstration outside the conference venue from noon to 2pm on Sunday and are also running a petition demanding Greater Manchester Council stop employing the firm.

Spokesman John Nicholson said: “Our personal security and the security of public spaces cannot and should not be protected by a company that fails to uphold standards of ethical and commercial provision in this country and across the world.”

In 1980 the city employed 30,000 people to run its services. Now the figure is 5,000 as most services have been handed to private firms including G4S.

PROTESTERS set up a cage with a prisoner inside in protest over Labour’s employment of disgraced security firm G4S at its annual conference in Manchester this week: here.

Papua New Guinea: G4S failed to meet ‘basic human rights’ at Manus Island: here.

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