One Lovely Blog Award, thank you betternotbroken!

One Lovely Blog Award

My dear blogging friend betternotbroken was so kind to nominate my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Thanks so much!

The rules of the One Lovely Blog Award are:

Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you,
Describe seven things about yourself,
Nominate 15 other bloggers [presumably, linking to them, and telling them about it at their blogs].


My list of seven things about me:

1. This morning, the sun shines outside after rain yesterday.

2. Which blog posts or pages attracted most visits to my blog today so far?

Title Views
Home page / Archives 54
Hunch-backed dolphins off Bahrain 6
August 2014, most visits ever to my blog 5
Bird book exhibition in The Hague, the Netherlands 5
Young Sandwich terns with rings seen again 4
500,000 visits milestone on this blog, thanks! 3
Marzipan seals 3
British government accused of helping monarchist torturers in Nepal 3
English birds news update 3
Bahrain arrest of human rights activist, oppression of workers 3

3. Which blog posts or pages attracted most visits to my blog this week?

2014-08-25 to Today

4. Where did visits to my blog come from mostly today so far?

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 192
Jamaica FlagJamaica 26
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 23
Sweden FlagSweden 16
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 5
Australia FlagAustralia 5
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 4
India FlagIndia 4
France FlagFrance 3
Japan FlagJapan 3
Italy FlagItaly 2
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 2
Germany FlagGermany 2

5. Where did visits to my blog come from mostly this month?

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 18,896
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 2,182
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 795
Jamaica FlagJamaica 662
Sweden FlagSweden 600
Germany FlagGermany 391
Canada FlagCanada 374
Australia FlagAustralia 373
France FlagFrance 275
India FlagIndia 214
Romania FlagRomania 178
Philippines FlagPhilippines 154
Belgium FlagBelgium 136
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 125
Italy FlagItaly 100
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 97
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 96
Greece FlagGreece 95
Bahrain FlagBahrain 90
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 90
Norway FlagNorway 86
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 75
Japan FlagJapan 75
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 72
Ireland FlagIreland 70
Turkey FlagTurkey 69
Poland FlagPoland 57
Thailand FlagThailand 57
Singapore FlagSingapore 56
Spain FlagSpain 56
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 56
Israel FlagIsrael 52
Pakistan FlagPakistan 51
Egypt FlagEgypt 51
Brazil FlagBrazil 50

6. Which Internet search terms brought most visits to my blog this month?

Search Views
whipping women 12
protests in ukraine against military conscription 10
most hated animal in the world 9
elm guest house kitty 9
poisonous caterpillars 7
i am mike brown 6
michael brown rap song 6
lurgan shooting of eugene mc guigan 5
who is isis and what have they been recently doing that caused the u.s. to renew a bombing campaign in iraq? 4
isis made in usa 4
bijju animal 4
famous dutch painters 4

7. Which Internet search terms brought most visits to my blog, ever since the blog moved to WordPress in December 2011?

Search Views
iguana 433
watergate scandal 386
prostitution in bahrain 366
poisonous caterpillars 275
egyptian sarcophagus 264
atsinganosaurus velauciensis 257
napalm girl 249
iraq war 208
long tailed tit 197
cercopithecus lomamiensis 189

My fifteen nominees are:

1. The Mind of Micheline

2. Juliana Mare

3. The Liberated Way

4. Nimmu’s

5. ~HeartTricks~

6. European Seabirds Blog

7. dou dou birds

8. Dianne Gray author

9. IRES: Behavioral ecology of red-backed fairy-wrens

10. Insidethelifeofmoi

11. Un café con dos de azúcar

12. P0vestiare

13. sandrafirstruleoffilmclubharris

14. Lazy Island Sundays

15. rockyourworld

15 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award, thank you betternotbroken!

  1. Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for nominating me! Wow! I am honoured. It has been interesting reading your stats! Poisonous caterpillars and Whipping women (most searched term!) made me both laugh and a little scared.

    Have a nice day!


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