Guantanamo prisoner never indicted, now freed after seven years

This video says about itself:

Gitmo – A documentary on Guantanamo Bay Cuba

A documentary showing the consequences of choices made by Western forces to create Guantanamo Bay detention center and the useless intelligence that leads to the kidnapping and detention of innocent people.

From Reuters:

Guantanamo Man Says U.S. Never Probed His “Crime”

By Daria Sito-Sucic

December 18, 2008

SARAJEVO – An Algerian man who spent nearly seven years in Guantanamo Bay says his U.S. interrogators never questioned him on the main terrorism allegation against him.

Mustafa Ait Idir, who was freed this week and returned to his adopted homeland of Bosnia, was accused of planning to go to Afghanistan to fight against U.S. forces.

“They’ve never asked anything about charges which were brought against us. They’ve never asked about Afghanistan,” he told Reuters in an interview.

“They only questioned me about Islamic organizations working in Bosnia…I’ve spent many years in the worst place on earth for doing nothing.”

During the war in Yugoslavia, the Western media described all Islamic organizations there, even the most extreme ones, as victims, heroes, and freedom fighters. They were used as a pretext for Western military intervention. Like Al Qaeda and the (predecessors of) the Taliban were also “good guys” as allies of Western imperialists. And then, with the Bush administration, Western Rightist propaganda made a 180 degree volte face, suddenly whipping up fear of Muslims in general, violent or non violent, moderate or extreme, going to a mosque every day or once every two years. This made Muslims who had nothing to do with violence supposedly “legitimate” targets for extreme Right racist vigilantes and/or governmental repression.

Opponents of Guantanamo — the U.S. prison camp on Cuba which President-elect Barack Obama has vowed to close — say hundreds of inmates have been held there for years on flimsy legal pretexts. Only 22 have been charged: one pleaded guilty, two were convicted at trial and 19 cases are still pending.

Ait Idir was one of six men arrested in Bosnia in October 2001 and sent three months later to Guantanamo — despite having being freed by a Bosnian court for lack of evidence.

U.S. President George W. Bush said in 2002 that the group had been plotting a bomb attack on the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo. But a Justice Department attorney later dropped those accusations and said instead that the men had planned to go to Afghanistan to join the insurgency against U.S. forces.

Held as “enemy combatants,” they were never formally charged. Last month, a federal judge ruled that five of the men should be released “forthwith” because the U.S. government had failed to prove the Afghan allegation. Ait Idir and two of the others were sent back to Bosnia this week.


Looking frail after his years in detention, Ait Idir said he had been denied medication he needed in prison. The 38-year-old displayed a broken finger he said he had suffered there.

He said he was kept for four months, lightly dressed, in a very cold refrigerated container. For short periods of the day he was taken outside, where it was very hot. Other prisoners were subjected to long periods in total darkness or very bright light, he said.

“There was torture every minute,” Ait Idir said. “It did not matter to them if we were terrorists or not.”

A devout believer, the former inmate said the gravest offence for Muslim prisoners was when soldiers threw around Korans, swore at Allah or abused them during prayers.

A Pentagon spokesman rejected the allegations.

“We treat all detainees humanely,” said Navy Cmdr. Jeffrey Gordon.

Yeah. Right. That’s why even the US government’s FBI reported the torture.

Set up only months into the “war on terrorism” that President George W. Bush declared after the September 11 attacks of 2001, Guantanamo has been widely condemned around the world as a stain on the United States’ human rights record.

Ait Idir, a computer science engineer who saw his son Abdulah for the first time this week as he was born after his detention, alleged he was often beaten. He said he saw instances when U.S. medical personnel advised military staff where to hit prisoners in sensitive spots.

But speaking as his three sons by his Bosnian wife played outside the room, he said he did not blame the army or hate Americans.

“They only did what they’ve been ordered to do. They did not hate us but had to obey their superiors.”

From British daily The Guardian:

What terror jury was not told: ‘They tore my nails out. Then I was interrogated by MI5’ ….

• Convicted man ‘tortured by Pakistani secret agents’

2 thoughts on “Guantanamo prisoner never indicted, now freed after seven years

  1. Posted by: “frankofbos” frankofbos
    Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:59 pm (PST)
    Bush History – Bush Fails in Plan to Put Protesting Military JAGs Under
    His Thumb – 12/19

    On this date Bush fails in his plan to put under his thumb those
    military JAGs who have been protesting Bush abuses such as detainee
    kangaroo-courts and the elimination of long-honored principles like
    habeas corpus. Also on this date, reports that Bush dreams of
    dictatorship(he’s joking, or is he?), and more on his dictator-like
    snubbing of US law. And a Bushism.

    Today’s category: Bushisms, Constitutional Abuse, Human Rights/Human


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