17 thoughts on “Texas taxpayers’ money for blaming worlds wars on Enlightenment and Darwin

  1. I find both sides of this are using “convenient amnesia” Many of the views you shared are, as you said, the views of many fundamentalist Christians, but not all. However, you conveniently forget there were also fundamentalist Christians who were part of that revolution against King George. Censorship whether it is by the right or the left is wrong.


    • Hi combs2jc, since you commented, I added a paragraph on Emperors Wilhelm II and Nicholas II who played major roles in starting World War I.

      Indeed, some fundamentalist Christians in Texas or elsewhere very probably have different ideas about what caused World War I than Responsive Education Solutions; or they may not be sure what caused that war. I did not write “*the* fundamentalist Christians.” The article centers on Responsive Education Solutions.

      Though many leading 18th century American revolutionaries, like Thomas Jefferson, were skeptical on organized religion, some Protestant Calvinists indeed did support the revolution. In Calvinism (making it different from eg, Lutheranism or Anglicanism) there is a “monarchomach” school of thought,


      teaching that sometimes it is just to rebel against princes. That played a role in the sixteenth century Dutch revolt and the seventeenth century English revolution as well.


      • I can understand skepticism on organized religion I share that. An unmentioned contribution to World War I was the hatred taught in French and English schools to children for Germany, and the hatred taught in German schools for the British. This hatered was seen in every part of society at the time, throughtout the world. many believe it may have even played a role in available help not getting to the Titanic in time to save more people.


        • The Titanic disaster was in 1912, so there was no war then yet.

          Hatred for Germans in Allied countries, and for British, French etc. in Central Powers countries was indeed taught by governments during World War I. Not only in schools, but everywhere. In Germany, the slogan was: God strafe England; may God punish England.

          Helmut Herzfeld, German conscript soldier was so disgusted by this propaganda that he changed his name to John Heartfield. After the war, he became famous as photo montage artist, making art against Hitler etc.




          • I believe you meant the Titanic disaster was in 1912. And yes there was no war yet. That is precisely my point. The hatred for Germany by Anglo-Franco countries and vice versa was decades old. In 1912 Telefunken Wireless company operator wireless radios on German ships and Marconi operated wireless radios on British and American. It is well documented that radio operators used to interfere and send fake and false signals to operstors of the opposite company. The night Titanic sank a German ship that may have been close enough to help the Titanic turned off it’s radio after being told.by the Titanic radio operator “you are a fool”. The German operator reportedly believed the distress call was another prank by a Marconi operator to show up a Telefunken operator. The animosity between the two sides goes back decades before Titanic and increased with each passing year until the war. Though during the war this animosity was not shared by all the soilders and led too several cases of enemy soldiers fraternizing with each other in “no man’s land” during Christmas. The most wide spread fraternization happened in several places along the front in 1914, and had the commanding officers (safe in their headquarters far from the fighting) furious.


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