Creationism in British schools

Bush's anti evolution junk science, cartoon

From British daily The Guardian:

Revealed: rise of creationism in UK schools

PR packs spread controversial theory

James Randerson, science correspondent

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dozens of schools are using creationist teaching materials condemned by the government as “not appropriate to support the science curriculum“, the Guardian has learned.

The packs promote the creationist alternative to Darwinian evolution called intelligent design and the group behind them said 59 schools are using the information as “a useful classroom resource”.

A teacher at one of the schools said it intended to use the DVDs to present intelligent design as an alternative to Darwinism.

The phrase “condemned by the government” should be qualified to the extent that Tony Blair follows his boss George W Bush not just in war crimes, and in doing nothing on global warming, but also in junk science ‘intelligent design’ creationism.

Update: here.

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