Sarah Palin gets more and more creationist

This video from the USA says about itself:

Headzup: Sarah Palin And Dinosaurs

Sarah Palin is asked about her belief that the earth is only 6000 years old and that man and dinosaurs co-existed.

Read more about it here.

From the Raw Story in the USA:

Palin says she doesn’t believe in evolution

By John Byrne

Monday, November 16th, 2009 — 8:50 am

First, a conspiracy about dollar coins. Now a conspiracy about monkeys and fish.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) vice presidential running mate, signals in her new book Going Rogue that she doesn’t believe in evolution, panning it as theory that human beings “originated from fish that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sea.”

According to a review published Sunday in The New York Times, Palin knocks evolution in her new book.

“Elsewhere in this volume, she talks about creationism, saying she “didn’t believe in the theory that human beings — thinking, loving beings — originated from fish that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sea” or from “monkeys who eventually swung down from the trees.” In everything that happens to her, from meeting Todd to her selection by Mr. McCain for the Republican ticket, she sees the hand of God: “My life is in His hands. I encourage readers to do what I did many years ago, invite Him in to take over.””

Palin‘s stance may itself an be “evolution” from a previous position. In 2006, ThinkProgress notes, Palin advocated that both creationism (the belief that humankind originated from a supreme being) and evolution should be taught side-by-side in public schools.

See also here.

Steve Schmidt now joins a host of former McCain staffers who have challenged the veracity of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue, even before it hits the streets on Tuesday: here.

Jokes About Sarah Palin’s Book: here.

Sarah Palin’s Top 10 Biggest Lies: here.

Sarah Palin Rules the GOP — And She Will Destroy It: here.

Zoo with creationist agenda approved for schools: here.

17 thoughts on “Sarah Palin gets more and more creationist

  1. Posted by: “bigraccoon”
    Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:53 am (PST)

    Palin’s Book Goes Rogue On Some Facts

    Once again, Sarah Palin doesn¹t appear to allow facts get in
    the way of a good story. Is she still completely full of shit?
    You betcha!

    FACT CHECK: Palin’s book goes rogue on some facts

    By CALVIN WOODWARD, Associated Press
    Nov 14

    WASHINGTON ­ Sarah Palin’s new book reprises familiar
    claims from the 2008 presidential campaign that haven’t
    become any truer over time.

    Ignoring substantial parts of her record if not the facts, she
    depicts herself as a frugal traveler on the taxpayer’s dime, a
    reformer without ties to powerful interests and a politician
    roguishly indifferent to high ambition.

    Palin goes adrift, at times, on more contemporary issues,
    too. She criticizes President Barack Obama for pushing
    through a bailout package that actually was achieved by his
    Republican predecessor George W. Bush ‹ a package she
    seemed to support at the time.

    A look at some of her statements in “Going Rogue,” obtained
    by The Associated Press in advance of its release Tuesday:


    PALIN: Says she made frugality a point when traveling on
    state business as Alaska governor, asking “only” for
    reasonably priced rooms and not “often” going for the
    “high-end, robe-and-slippers” hotels.

    THE FACTS: Although travel records indicate she usually
    opted for less-pricey hotels while governor, Palin and
    daughter Bristol stayed five days and four nights at the
    $707.29-per-night Essex House luxury hotel (robes and
    slippers come standard) overlooking New York City’s Central
    Park for a five-hour women’s leadership conference in
    October 2007. With air fare, the cost to Alaska was well over
    $3,000. Event organizers said Palin asked if she could bring
    her daughter. The governor billed her state more than
    $20,000 for her children’s travel, including to events where
    they had not been invited, and in some cases later amended
    expense reports to specify that they had been on official


    PALIN: Boasts that she ran her campaign for governor on
    small donations, mostly from first-time givers, and turned
    back large checks from big donors if her campaign perceived
    a conflict of interest.

    THE FACTS: Of the roughly $1.3 million she raised for her
    primary and general election campaigns for governor, more
    than half came from people and political action committees
    giving at least $500, according to an AP analysis of her
    campaign finance reports. The maximum that individual
    donors could give was $1,000; $2,000 for a PAC.

    Of the rest, about $76,000 came from Republican Party

    She accepted $1,000 each from a state senator and his wife
    in the weeks after the two Republican lawmakers’ offices
    were raided by the FBI as part of an investigation into a
    powerful Alaska oilfield services company. After AP reported
    those donations during the presidential campaign, she said
    she would give a comparative sum to charity after the
    general election in 2010, a date set by state election laws.


    PALIN: Rails against taxpayer-financed bailouts, which she
    attributes to Obama. She recounts telling daughter Bristol
    that to succeed in business, “you’ll have to be brave enough
    to fail.”

    THE FACTS: Palin is blurring the lines between Obama’s
    stimulus plan ‹ a $787 billion package of tax cuts, state aid,
    social programs and government contracts ‹ and the federal
    bailout that Republican presidential candidate John McCain
    voted for and President George W. Bush signed.

    Palin’s views on bailouts appeared to evolve as McCain’s vice
    presidential running mate. In September 2008, she said
    “taxpayers cannot be looked to as the bailout, as the
    solution, to the problems on Wall Street.” A week later, she
    said “ultimately what the bailout does is help those who are
    concerned about the health care reform that is needed to
    help shore up our economy.”

    During the vice presidential debate in October, Palin praised
    McCain for being “instrumental in bringing folks together” to
    pass the $700 billion bailout. After that, she said “it is a time
    of crisis and government did have to step in.”


    PALIN: Says Ronald Reagan faced an even worse recession
    than the one that appears to be ending now, and “showed
    us how to get out of one. If you want real job growth, cut
    capital gains taxes and slay the death tax once and for all.”

    THE FACTS: The estate tax, which some call the death tax,
    was not repealed under Reagan and capital gains taxes are
    lower now than when Reagan was president.

    Economists overwhelmingly say the current recession is far
    worse. The recession Reagan faced lasted for 16 months;
    this one is in its 23rd month. The recession of the early
    1980s did not have a financial meltdown. Unemployment
    peaked at 10.8 percent, worse than the October 2009 high
    of 10.2 percent, but the jobless rate is still expected to climb.


    PALIN: She says her team overseeing the development of a
    natural gas pipeline set up an open, competitive bidding
    process that allowed any company to compete for the right
    to build a 1,715-mile pipeline to bring natural gas from Alaska
    to the Lower 48.

    THE FACTS: Palin characterized the pipeline deal the same
    way before an AP investigation found her team crafted terms
    that favored only a few independent pipeline companies and
    ultimately benefited a company with ties to her
    administration, TransCanada Corp. Despite promises and
    legal guidance not to talk directly with potential bidders
    during the process, Palin had meetings or phone calls with
    nearly every major candidate, including TransCanada.


    PALIN: Criticizes an aide to her predecessor, Gov. Frank
    Murkowski, for a conflict of interest because the aide
    represented the state in negotiations over a gas pipeline
    and then left to work as a handsomely paid lobbyist for
    ExxonMobil. Palin asserts her administration ended all such
    arrangements, shoving a wedge in the revolving door
    between special interests and the state capital.

    THE FACTS: Palin ignores her own “revolving door” issue in
    office; the leader of her own pipeline team was a former
    lobbyist for a subsidiary of TransCanada, the company that
    ended up winning the rights to build the pipeline.


    PALIN: Writes about a city councilman in Wasilla, Alaska, who
    new subdivisions to pay for trash removal instead of taking it
    to the dump for free ‹ this to illustrate conflicts of interest
    she stood against as a public servant.

    THE FACTS: As Wasilla mayor, Palin pressed for a special
    zoning exception so she could sell her family’s $327,000
    house, then did not keep a promise to remove a potential
    fire hazard on the property.

    She asked the city council to loosen rules for snow machine
    races when she and her husband owned a snow machine
    store, and cast a tie-breaking vote to exempt taxes on
    aircraft when her father-in-law owned one. But she stepped
    away from the table in 1997 when the council considered a
    grant for the Iron Dog snow machine race in which her
    husband competes.


    PALIN: Says Obama has admitted that the climate change
    policy he seeks will cause people’s electricity bills to

    THE FACTS: She correctly quotes a comment attributed to
    Obama in January 2008, when he told San Francisco
    Chronicle editors that under his cap-and-trade climate
    proposal, “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” as
    utilities are forced to retrofit coal burning power plants to
    reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

    Obama has argued since then that climate legislation can
    blunt the cost to consumers. Democratic legislation now
    before Congress calls for a variety of measures aimed at
    mitigating consumer costs. Several studies predict average
    household costs probably would be $100 to $145 a year.


    PALIN: Welcomes last year’s Supreme Court decision
    deciding punitive damages for victims of the nation’s largest
    oil spill tragedy, the Exxon Valdez disaster, stating it had
    taken 20 years to achieve victory. As governor, she says,
    she’d had the state argue in favor of the victims, and she
    says the court’s ruling went “in favor of the people.” Finally,
    she writes, Alaskans could recover some of their losses.

    THE FACTS: That response is at odds with her reaction at the
    time to the ruling, which resolved the long-running case by
    reducing punitive damages for victims to $500 million from
    $2.5 billion. Environmentalists and plaintiffs’ lawyers decried
    the ruling as a slap at the victims and Palin herself said she
    was “extremely disappointed.” She said the justices had
    gutted a jury decision favoring higher damage awards, the
    Anchorage Daily News reported. “It’s tragic that so many
    Alaska fishermen and their families have had their lives put
    on hold waiting for this decision,” she said, noting many had
    died “while waiting for justice.”


    PALIN: Describing her resistance to federal stimulus money,
    Palin describes Alaska as a practical, libertarian haven of
    independent Americans who don’t want “help” from
    government busybodies.

    THE FACTS: Alaska is also one of the states most dependent
    on federal subsidies, receiving much more assistance from
    Washington than it pays in federal taxes. A study for the
    nonpartisan Tax Foundation found that in 2005, the state
    received $1.84 for every dollar it sent to Washington.


    PALIN: Says she tried to talk about national security and
    energy independence in her interview with Vogue magazine
    but the interviewer wanted her to pivot from hydropower to
    high fashion.

    THE FACTS are somewhat in dispute. Vogue contributing
    editor Rebecca Johnson said Palin did not go on about
    hydropower. “She just kept talking about drilling for oil.”


    PALIN: “Was it ambition? I didn’t think so. Ambition drives;
    purpose beckons.” Throughout the book, Palin cites altruistic
    reasons for running for office, and for leaving early as Alaska

    THE FACTS: Few politicians own up to wanting high office for
    the power and prestige of it, and in this respect, Palin fits
    the conventional mold. But “Going Rogue” has all the
    characteristics of a pre-campaign manifesto, the requisite
    autobiography of the future candidate.


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