16 thoughts on “Israel dismisses evolution, climate denialist

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  7. Hey Kitty,
    Nice piece.

    Haven’t read any of your others yet, but will try to one day. Little time these days, and get told off for spending too much time writing and reading in front of my computer 🙂

    I am preparing to write a piece on wind farm hysteria, and also the psychology of denialism.

    I recently read a science article on the psychology of denialists, and how they often are strong believers of conspiracy theories, even contradictory ones. And I was listening to a podcast this morning, while lying awake waiting for my alarm to go off, on wind farms and the campaigns against.

    I will try to get to both of them, because they highlight why we have soooooooo much difficulty trying to campaign for a better, safer, coooooler world.



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