10 thoughts on “US millionaire’s plan for fascist coup against Roosevelt in 1934

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  4. 75 years ago: Fascists arrested in New York

    On January 14, 1940, eighteen members of the Christian Front, fascist thugs promoted by the anti-Semitic Catholic priest Charles Coughlin, were arrested in New York by the FBI. The fascists were not charged with any of the numerous crimes they had committed in the course of attacks upon blacks, Jews and communists. Instead, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover alleged the Christian Front had as its aim the overthrow of the US government and exhibited a cache of small arms, ammunition and explosives confiscated from the organization’s members.

    The media sensation created around the case concealed from the public the close relations between the fascists and the capitalist state. Until then, the Christian Front had operated without hindrance by government authorities in their attacks on the working class. An internal investigation by the New York Police Department revealed that 1,000 policemen were self-admitted members of the Coughlinite movement. Over half of the Christian Front members arrested also served in the National Guard, and the chief ringleader was an officer in the National Guard.

    Hoover’s allegation of conspiracy to overthrow the government was not merely aimed at sidetracking inquiries into these connections between the government and the fascist groups, however. It was also aimed at establishing the validity of such broad conspiracy charges for use against left-wing and socialist groups which were the real target of the FBI.

    At the same time as the move against the Coughlinite group, the Justice Department launched a union-busting drive against the building trades unions and other labor organizations under the guise of anti-trust violations. Four hundred indictments had been served with nearly all of them against union leaders. The arrest of the Christian Front also provided a precedent to launch an assault against the socialist movement on the same charges of attempting to overthrow the government.



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