Madonna’s Le Pen video

This video says about itself:

Madonna Defends Use of Swastika on Marine Le Pen’s Forehead: Front National Party Threatens Suit

27 July 2012

American pop singer Madonna is defending her use of an image depicting French far-right politician Marine Le Pen with a swastika superimposed on her forehead after Le Pen’s party threatened legal action. Madonna said the image was meant to highlight intolerance toward immigrants and religious minorities and she refused to remove it from a video played during her live performances.

A music video, no longer on YouTube, used to say about itself:

Madonna performed her song ‘Nobody Knows Me‘ in front of a giant screen showing Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.

Skip to 1:32 in the footage below to see Marine Le Pen in Madonna’s show.

Marine Le Pen now wants to sue Madonna for this.

The truth evidently hurts for racist French politician Marine le Pen; who inherited her Front National party leadership from her holocaust-denying father Jean-Marie Le Pen.

French anti-racism group SOS Racisme expressed its support for Madonna on Sunday, commending her for her “resolutely anti-racist and feminist discourse”: here.

From Nazis to nudity, Madonna often courts controversy. See her top 10 most provocative moments here.

22 thoughts on “Madonna’s Le Pen video

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  5. First the fascists come for the Muslims…

    When French legislators banned the public wearing of the Islamic veil in 2010 they said it was to protect human rights and combat women’s oppression.

    Anti-racists here and in France argued that this racist law would open the door to more racism and more attacks on minorities in France. Muslim women in France have since been assaulted in the street. Others have been targeted by the police.

    Now we hear that Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s fascist Front National, is calling for the wearing of the Jewish kippah to be banned from shops, public transport and the streets of France.

    State discrimination against one minority has opened the door to discrimination against another. This lesson is best articulated by Pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous anti-Nazi statement.

    It begins, “First they came for the communists but I didn’t speak out… then they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.”

    Unity in action is the antidote to racist poison. That is why it is so important anti-racists mobilise to stop the racist English Defence League in Walthamstow on 27 October.

    Sasha Simic, east London


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