17 thoughts on “French fascist praises Cameron


    While the right wing claims that American capitalism leads the world, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is about to be acquired by new owners in Germany.

    That’s right, long the symbol of the so-called “free market,” the likely sale symbolizes that Wall Street is no longer the center of the financial universe.

    As of February 9, a New York Times article predicts, “A merger would potentially let customers trade stocks in New York, options tied to those shares in Paris and derivatives linked to them in Frankfurt.”

    The NYSE has long offered a favorite photo opportunity for US politicians and presidents, who would ring the famous opening bell of the market, symbolizing their support of the American “free enterprise system.”

    But it looks like, in the near future, the financial transactions of the global elite will officially be disbursed more and more around the world.

    The right-wing nostalgia for the financial might of America that characterized the post-WWII generation is becoming increasingly exposed as a mirage.

    The national boundaries of investment are being made ever more negligible by an international marketplace that owes no allegiance to any individual nation.

    The NYSE, which was founded in 1792, will no longer be owned by Americans.

    This single act won’t stop the Tea Party from sipping on its cup of delusions, but at some point the reality will set in.

    America’s financial destiny is inextricably intertwined with that of the world.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout

  2. Tories are still homophobic

    The disgusting comments of James Malliff, Tory councillor for Wycombe, show that homophobia continues to exist in the Tory party.

    He said on Twitter that if the party supports gay marriage, they “may as well legalise marriage with animals”.

    The Tory party has an appalling record. Most of its leadership voted to keep Section 28, which prohibited the open discussion of homosexuality in schools.

    Today the cuts have a disproportionate effect on LGBT people. Welfare, housing and health organisations face closure.

    Any discussion of LGBT rights that includes the Tories will be shaped by homophobic attitudes and values.

    Rachel Harger, East London


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