Film parody of racist French National Front party

This 30 December 2016 French video is the trailer of the film Chez Nous, which will be in French cinemas on 22 February 2017.

The film is a parody of the racist French National Front party and its leader Marine Le Pen.

Whites only education, French racist Le Pen wants

This video says about itself:

3 July 2013

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has been stripped of her European Parliament immunity and may now face charges of racism over comments she made comparing Muslim street prayers to an occupation of French territory by the Nazis.

In Africa, Bill Gates and other billionaires undermine free public education by making poor parents pay for for profit private schools, with unqualified teachers in dirty corrugated iron buildings.

In the USA, billionaire Donald Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary, billionaire Betsy DeVos has a record of undermining schools by privatisation, making education a privilege for rich parents’ children, while poor parents’ children work in coal mines or elsewhere.

And now the fuehrer of the French racist National Front party chimes in.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Le Pen: Stop free education for migrant children

Today, 12:09

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen wants to put an end to free education for children of immigrants. The right-wing populist

Stop abusing the word ‘populist’ for politicians like Le Pen. A French court has decided that Ms Le Pen can be legally called a fascist.

Le Pen said in a speech in Paris that newcomers to France should no longer expect that everything will be arranged for them, if she will call the shots. “Do not expect too that your children will be able to get free education. Playtime is over,” said Le Pen.

In France, in public education, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools are free of charge.

Le Pen fascist propaganda on BBC

French fascist leader Marine Le Pen, Latuff cartoon

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

BBC slammed for putting on fascist

Monday 14th November 2016

Corbyn joins protest at BBC against its decision to host Le Pen

THE BBC was condemned for hosting an interview with a fascist as remembrance services were held across Britain to commemorate the war dead.

Andrew Marr Show viewers reacted with anger as French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who claimed she could become the next French president, was given time to air her views.

Mr Marr admitted that the decision and timing had “offended and upset” people but claimed that it is a journalist’s responsibility to report that Ms Le Pen could be in power next year.

He added: “In the end we are a news programme and I don’t think the best way to honour the fallen is to fail to report on the next big challenge to Western security.”

A protest was held yesterday by Unite Against Fascism outside the BBC studio in central London and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was also appearing on the show, joined them in a call for the BBC not to offer a platform to fascists.

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner wrote on Twitter: “Marine Le Pen speaking on Marr, Remembrance Sunday? Why not interview our veterans who fought fascists and lost so many comrades? So wrong, BBC!”

RAF war veteran Harry Leslie Smith, aged 93, wrote: “We make fascism normal by interviewing its adherent rather than stridently and logically arguing against their ideas.”

Labour MP Tristram Hunt said the decision to interview Ms Le Pen was “pretty grotesque.”

Even candidate for Ukip leadership Suzanne Evans attempted to distance herself from the National Front after Ms le Pen had claimed that the two parties were not dissimilar.

Ms Le Pen said: “There is not a hair’s breadth of difference between what Ukip thinks and what the National Front thinks, let’s be truthful here.”

She claimed that her election would be the third act of a “global revolution” in which Britain has voted to leave the EU and Donald Trump has been elected US president.

Speaking on ITV’s Peston On Sunday, Ms Evans said: “I was appalled: She said: ‘France is full, we don’t want any more immigrants.’ That is so far away from Ukip policy it is unimaginable.

“We are miles away from Le Pen.”

Murdered journalist family’s victory over French fascist fuehrer

This video from England says about itself:

“She’s not welcome”: Oxford Union Marine Le Pen protest

6 February 2015

VERSA report from the Marine Le Pen protest outside the Oxford Union. Interviews with key protesters, including the Joint National Secretary of Unite Against Fascism.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

France: Le Pen takes down images

Friday 18th December

FAR-RIGHT Front National leader Marine Le Pen removed an image of the beheading of murdered US reporter James Foley from her Twitter feed yesterday after his family protested.

French authorities are investigating the tweets, which Ms Le Pen had posted in response to a journalist who made an analogy between her Islamophobic party and Isis.

She claimed to have been trying to show the difference between the two, but the effort backfired, drawing widespread condemnation.

Mr Foley’s family said: “We are deeply disturbed by the unsolicited use of Jim for Le Pen’s political gain” and demanded the photos be taken down immediately.

Extreme right fraud in European parliament

Dutch poster about Le Pen and Wilders

This is a poster from the Netherlands about the cooperation in the European election campaign between the Dutch xenophobic PVV party of politician Geert Wilders and his extreme Right French colleague Marine Le Pen.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

PVV MEP punished for vote fraud

Today, 17:34

PVV MEP Marcel de Graaff has been fined for vote fraud. De Graaff in October used the voting card of Marine Le Pen of the French National Front in order not to lose her vote. Voting for another MEP is prohibited. It happens rarely that someone violates this rule.

… When De Graaff was held accountable by Parliament president Martin Schulz, he said he had acted out of “courtesy”. The PVV party and the National Front in the European Parliament are in the same caucus …

De Graaff must pay an amount equal to five times the daily allowance for an MEP: 1,500 euros.

French National Front commits crimes, hoping immigrants will be blamed

This video from France is about French National Front leader Marine Le Pen and German ex-officer of Hitler’s SS and neo-nazi leader Franz Schönhuber, a political ally and personal friend of the Le Pen family.

By Kanda Gabriel in France:

French neo-fascists committed street crimes to stoke insecurity and fear

17 June 2015

Adrien Desport, a 25-year-old former member of the neo-fascist National Front (FN), and five other FN militants aged 19 to 25, face charges of torching cars on the night of April 8-9 in the Paris suburb of Mitry-Mory in the Seine-et-Marne district. They have also been accused of damaging private property and falsely reporting a crime.

Desport and other FN militants have acknowledged the wrongdoing. Deputy prosecutor Emmanuel Dupic said, “Adrien Desport seems to be the leader of the gang. The charges are serious, there were numerous victims. And they endanger democracy, according to which one must go through the ballot box to defend one’s ideas, not street raids.”

The FN militants used their own criminal activity to boost FN’s law-and-order campaign on insecurity and to blame impoverished immigrant youths for suburban riots. According to police sources, “They organized drinking parties with cocaine and then carried out punitive expeditions to stoke fears of insecurity and win votes for the FN.”

Desport was also charged with making false complaints to police on March 28, when he claimed that he was attacked with tear gas while putting up campaign posters in Châtelet-en-Brie ahead of local elections. “They gassed themselves to make people believe there was an attack,” said the police source.

At the time, Desport reported the fabricated event on his blog, complaining of the “indifference of the media and of certain elected officials.”

During a police search at Desport’s house, Le Parisien reported, “investigators found a police flashlight, a rubber-bullet pistol declared at local police headquarters, tear gas grenades, and a pair of handcuffs.”

Police investigated the matter for two weeks after an FN activist filed a complaint denouncing the actions of some of his colleagues in Seine-et-Marne at the end of May. On June 9, police arrested the FN members, including Desport. Desport has been placed in police custody, while the other FN militants were placed under judicial supervision until a trial which will begin July 15.

A few days after torching the cars, Desport reported the incident on his blog, condemning the arson, in order to fuel FN’s hysterical law-and-order campaign. On April 11, he published an open letter to the inhabitants of Mitry-Mory denouncing “increasingly pervasive” criminality and the “sense of insecurity” in the city.

Desport wrote that the FN “has proposed for years maintaining police services in Mitry-Mory, which has lost its police station; the installation of security cameras in dangerous zones in the city, which everyone is aware of; the creation of an armed municipal police to eliminate the feeling of insecurity that affects our citizens. We must have personnel and material resources, not subsidies for a few NGOs. Security is for everyone.”

Desport joined the FN in 2009, at the age of 15. He was the FN candidate in the 2011 cantonal election in the Paris area. Between 2013 and 2014, he was appointed FN deputy secretary and press attaché in the Seine-et-Marne region. In 2014, he was awarded with the medal of honor by the FN’s current national leader, Marine Le Pen.

Since the incident, the FN has distanced itself from Desport. FN official Nathalie Pigeot told VICE News that Desport and his associates had been “suspended from the party,” adding that she expected them to be expelled permanently.

In line with moves in the French ruling elite to present the FN as a “normal” party, official media and parties—from the ruling Socialist Party (PS) to the right-wing The Republicans (LR), as well as pseudo-left allies of the PS such as the New Anti-capitalist Party—largely glossed over or dismissed the incident.

Reporting on the incident, Le Monde sought to downplay Desport’s significance, writing that he “is not an elected official and never was. The young militant does not have a top position in the FN, which he joined in 2011. He was only a deputy regional secretary, for a time, of the Seine-et-Marne region, … This citizen of Mitry-Mory saw himself as a leading political figure, however. A few burned cars and a simulated assault could stymie this plan, which was already not off to a good start.”

The FN members’ criminal offenses raise an obvious question: what was the social atmosphere in which deceit and petty crime could serve to advance a political agenda? This is bound up with the turn of all France’s capitalist parties, from the mainstream PS and LR to the pseudo-left parties, to support police repression and law-and-order hysteria. They used these policies as a way of diverting social anger over austerity, while strengthening police powers to monitor and repress rising social anger in the working class.

During his presidency, former UMP President Nicolas Sarkozy championed law-and-order sentiment, appealing to neo-fascist voters. After coming to power in 2012, the PS government of President François Hollande largely took over these policies, poisoning the political atmosphere and making militaristic and law-and-order appeals to FN voters.

While destroying the living standards of the working class, Hollande’s government is stoking up pro-FN sentiment, including expelling undocumented immigrants and rounding up and deporting members of the Roma community. At the same time, it constantly advocates reactionary security measures, including broadening the use of surveillance cameras and drones in cities. Recently, the PS adopted a surveillance law allowing the police and the intelligence services to spy on the entire population.

All these measures were based on the hyping of manufactured statistics, lies and the targeting of vulnerable populations. Under these conditions, no one in the political establishment wanted to examine the social roots of Desport’s attempt, on a somewhat smaller scale, to stoke law-and-order hysteria based on faked reports of street crime.

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