French neonazi fuehrer at Cambridge university

This video from France is called Marine le Pen amoureuse du producteur de chants Nazis (extraits musicaux). It is about the production and sales by the Le Pen dynasty/Front National neo-fascist party of albums of Adolf Hitler’s nazi party songs.

By Luke James in Britain:

Cambridge Union invites fascist Le Pen

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Anti-racism campaigners slammed the Cambridge Union today for inviting French fascist Marine Le Pen to give a speech at the debating society next Tuesday.

The society made the announcement just 24 hours after holding their regular diversity forum.

Ms Le Pen took over the leadership of France’s National Front in 2010 from her father Jean-Marie Le Pen and came third in last year’s presidential election.

A Cambridge Union Society spokesman said it would be “one of the very few opportunities a British audience has had to directly engage” with the bigot.

Unite Against Fascism and the National Union of Students vowed to demonstrate outside the event if the society doesn’t pull its invitation.

A UAF spokeswoman said Ms Le Pen’s speech was part of a campaign by European fascists to “take advantage of the economic crisis in the run up to next year’s Euro elections.”

And NUS black students officer Aaron Kiely said that “fascists like Le Pen” should not be given a chance to spread hate.

“There is no space on our campuses for those who would seize power and use it to violently attack Jewish, black, LGBT and migrant communities among others,” he said.

Law student Axel Landin, a former Cambridge Union secretary, branded the invitation “immature, irresponsible, insensitive and possibly dangerous.

“If the idea was to challenge her perspective, it should have been in a proper debate with prominent anti-racists speaking in opposition, rather than as a keynote speech.”

See also here.

From United Against Fascism:

Tuesday 12 February 2013

No Platform for Marine Le Pen

Unite Against Fascism has called a demonstration outside the Cambridge Union debating society, against Marine Le Pen who has been invited to address the Union on Tuesday 19 February.

Marine Le Pen is leader of the Front National, a fascist organisation in France.

No Platform for Marine Le Pen

Tuesday 19 February, 2.30pm
Outside the Cambridge Union
9A Bridge St,
Cambridge CB2 1UB

Called By UAF

Supported by NUS Black Students Campaign, Cambridge UAF and Cambridge University Student UAF

26 thoughts on “French neonazi fuehrer at Cambridge university

    • The melody of the Horst Wessel song was not written by nazi Horst Wessel, as the nazis claimed. It was in all probability a nineeteenth century soldiers’ song, the melody of which had beren used by leftists as well.

      The present Greek Golden Dawn still has the Horst Wessel song as their party song, with lyrics translated into Greek.


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