French Islamophobes smear mosque with excrement

This video says about itself:

Jean-Marie Le Pen, MEP and leader of France’s far-right Front National, outraged assembled members of the European Parliament by repeating his assertion that the Nazi gas chambers were “a mere detail” in the history of the Second World War.

From Associated Press:

French Mosque Smeared With Excrement In Limoges

09/12/12 02:57 PM ET

PARIS — The outside of a mosque in a French city has been smeared with excrement, the latest in a series of vandalism incidents involving Muslim places of worship in the country.

The Interior Ministry said Wednesday that police are seeking the culprit or culprits, adding in a statement that “to attack a religion is to attack the (French) Republic.”

The Limoges mosque in central France was vandalized in July with Nazi symbols scrawled on its doors. In the latest incident, excrement was smeared on the doors and elsewhere before dawn.

In August, two pigs’ heads were hung on two pillars outside a mosque in the southwestern town of Montauban.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith asked the faithful for calm vigilance in the face of what it says is rising Islamophobia.

Hijab ruling exposes Islamophobia in French politics—on right and left: here.

Book Review: Compelling analysis of Islamophobia’s ascendancy in France: here.

51 thoughts on “French Islamophobes smear mosque with excrement

  1. Islamaphobia? Is that what we are calling it these days? Islamic terrorists attack soverign ground and kill US diplomats and we are supposed to be concerned about Islamaphobia? BULLSHIT!!! We have given them more opportunities than they deserve to make peace. They don’t want it. They are still embarrased that they lost the great leap forward that they made in the 1200’s. Re-earn your place on this earth or shut up. They have just made a terrible error in their political war on humankind. You have killed more of your own people in your sorry attempt to re-establish your pride. You have killed thousands of more of your own people with car bombs than the US ever did. While attempting to make you see that we need to live together you continue to bomb embassies, blow up your own people and teach your people to hate. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are pissed! It is time for the Islamists to sit down and logically think about what you are doing. It is time for moderate Musliims to sit down and think about what they need to do about this problem.


    • This whole rant is an example of tarring all the over a billion people with the religious label “Muslim” in the whole world with the same brush because of what some small minority may do.

      The muslims in Limoges, France, whose mosque has just been smeared with the shit of French Le Pen-nazis (these are Islamophobes, indeed, as well as anti-Semites, anti-Roma, etc.) have NOTHING to do with Ansar al Sharia in Benghazi, Libya. Ansar al Sharia became militarily powerful, though most Libyans don’t like them, through NATO’s 2011 Libya war.


      Just like Oklahoma bomb terrorist Timothy McVey did not represent all Christians … etc. etc.


  2. I beg your pardon but my rant, and it is a rant, does not paint the whole Muslim population with the same brush. I specifically stated that “Islamic Terrorists” are to blame here. I then closed by saying that moderate Muslims should start speaking out against the Fundamentalists causing this terror.

    Timothy McVey was anti-government. There is no religious connection between. Nice try though!


  3. Hi Waldo, you wrote “and we are supposed to be concerned about Islamaphobia?”

    Islamophobia is prejudice against, indeed, ALL Muslims, not just a terrorist minority (according to police figures, about 0,4% of all terrorism in Europe is by Muslims, while many estimates say that 5% of Europeans are Muslims. Islamophobes like Geert Wilders say it is a lot more than 5%. Those figures of people like Wilders would make Muslims very much less terrorist than other Europeans).

    Yes, we should indeed be concerned about Islamophobia. Whether it is French Le Pen nazis attacking mosques; which is the subject of this blog post, not the killings in Benghazi. Or whether it is the self-professed Christian Anders Behring Breivik butchering teenagers in Norway (mostly not for being Muslim, but for belonging to a non-Islamophobic youth organizatiion). Or whether it is United States Islamophobic colonels, advocating anti-Muslim nuclear war:

    Yes, Timothy McVey was not a only a Christian fundamentalist, but also anti-the Clinton government in the USA. Like Al Qaeda were very much against the Gaddafi government in Libya; and are now very much against the Syrian government, for which they are paid with United States taxpayers’ money.

    Very many Muslims in Libya and elsewhere have already strongly condemned the lethal attacks in Benghazi; like many Muslims had already condemned earlier attacks.


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