Nazi politician calls African-Guianese-French minister ‘monkey’

This video from France is called Christiane Taubira‘s speech introducing the French same-sex marriage bill (with English subtitles).

From AFP news agency:

Christiane Taubira, French Justice Minister, Compared To Monkey By Far Right Politician Anne Leclere

10/18/2013 3:07 pm EDT …

The National Front [FN] recently won a key by-election and is tipped to be the leading French party in European elections also due next year, according to a new poll.

Anne-Sophie Leclere, the FN candidate for Rethel in the northeastern Ardennes region provoked a storm by comparing Justice Minister Christiane Taubira to a monkey on French television.

She has also owned up to a photo-montage showing Taubira, who is from French Guiana, alongside a baby monkey which was posted on her Facebook page.

The caption underneath the baby monkey said “At 18 months,” while the one under Taubira’s photograph read “Now”.

The 33-year-old mother-of-three told France 2’s Envoye Special (Special Correspondent) programme she would prefer to see Taubira “in a tree swinging from the branches rather than in government.” …

The incident came on the heels of insults and attacks against Italy’s first black minister, Cecile Kyenge, which sparked a pledge by 17 European countries to fight racism.

The attacks against the Congolese-born Kyenge have ranged from a senior member of the far-right Northern League party likening her to an orangutan, to having bananas thrown at her and nooses hung in a town where she was due to speak. …

The party‘s image has long been closely linked to the personality of its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has faced a string of convictions for incitement to racial hatred and Holocaust denial.

From the Daily Telegraph in Britain:

Miss Taubira, France’s justice minister, said in response to the monkey slur that it showed the FN’s “lethal and murderous” views could be summed up as follows: “It’s the blacks into the branches of the trees, the Arabs into the sea, the homosexuals into the river Seine, the Jews into the ovens and so on.”

Marine Le Pen, National Front party boss, has now sued Ms Taubira for “defamation”. Like Le Pen’s Greek Golden Dawn fascist colleagues have sued a Jewish Greek for calling them fascists.

French magazine faces legal inquiry over racist slur against politician. Far-right Minute magazine’s cover calls justice minister Christiane Taubira ‘crafty as a monkey’: here.

40 thoughts on “Nazi politician calls African-Guianese-French minister ‘monkey’

  1. Not only Aldous Huxley in his famed debate on Mans ancestry with a high priest, stating he was proud to have come from this family of ancestors, meaning what great possibilities exist for change and from the source we came from, if our ancestry is from a simple one celled species that in time evolved to modern man over millions of years is this not a remarkable feat, the down side to this is how we are now in strife in many parts of our planet having been manipulated by the few that have arisen in power that now hold most of the world and populations in a state of severe crises.


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