Tony Blair and torture in Libya

This video is called US-Libyan Cooperation on Torture.

Britain: Tony Blair‘s claims of ignorance over his government’s alleged involvement in the rendition and torture of a Libyan man does not absolve him of guilt, legal action charity Reprieve warned on Thursday: here.

Jack Straw must come clean on rendition & apologise to Belhadj, says Reprieve’s @cori_crider: here.

Jack Straw faces legal action over Libya rendition claims: here.

Lawyers for the Libyan Military Commander Abdel Hakim Belhadj have confirmed that legal papers have been served on the former Labour Foreign Secretary Jack Straw following revelations in the Sunday Times (15 April 2012) that he has been confronted with evidence by MI6 officers, which confirms he signed off on the illegal rendition to Libya of Mr Belhadj and his wife Fatima: here.

Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw is being sued over his alleged role in the rendition and torture of two opponents of the Gadaffi regime: here.

See also here.

War criminal Tony Blair has another think coming if he believes that aping his mates Rupert Murdoch and Hosni Mubarak in claiming defective memory to cover up his crimes will work: here.

Libya: Rendition Case Shows It’s Time for UK to Come Clean: here.

Libyans Now Battle Over Housing: here.

Kenyans allege British involvement in rendition and torture in Uganda: here.

France: Quand Michèle Alliot-Marie, Panhard et Thalès faisaient les yeux doux à la famille Kadhafi: here.

In a book coming out next week, Jose Rodriguez, the former head of the CIA’s clandestine operations directorate, delivers an unequivocal defense of torture and of his destruction of tapes recording the agency’s crimes: here.

17 thoughts on “Tony Blair and torture in Libya

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  5. Tony Blair, the sequel!

    So Tony Blair is planning a “comeback” in British politics.

    He seems to think Britain can’t survive without him.

    Since he stopped being prime minister, Blair has been “intervening” in the Middle East.

    Since then revolutions have broken out across the region. Let’s hope his comeback in Britain has the same effect!

    Andrea Baines, Manchester


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