Free speech in Libya?

This video is called Polygamy in Libya: Freedom won or rights infringed?

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

‘Glorification of Gadaffi‘ becomes illegal

Thursday 03 May 2012

Libya’s unelected leaders have passed new laws that make “glorification of Muammar Gadaffi‘s ideas” punishable by a prison sentence.

This is really no good news for democracy and free speech in Libya.

The trouble here is that Gadaffi had extremely many ideas, often contradicting what he said at another time.

Sometimes he spoke out against Western imperialists. Sometimes he helped those same Western imperialists, like Tony Blair, with rendition and torture.

Sometimes Gadaffi spoke about socialism. Later, he practised neo-conservative capitalism (one reason why many people joined the uprising against him. A reason which the National Transitional Council does not talk about now. As some of them used to be Gadaffi’s enforcers of capitalism, which they continue to enforce now).

Sometimes Gadaffi said good things about women’s rights. Sometimes not so good things. Etc.

Which of the ideas will people now be jailed for? If someone now, advocates women’s rights with words which sound vaguely similar to one of Gadaffi’s old speeches, will she, or he, then be branded an old regime supporter, and be jailed? Etc.

The National Transitional Council enacted the law on Wednesday before elections set for June, when Libyans will vote for an assembly to form a permanent government and write a constitution.

“Glorification of Muammar Gadaffi, his regime, ideas and his children is punishable by a prison sentence”, according to the text of a new law read out by an official.

The law also threatens imprisonment of anyone who “offended the February 17 revolution, anyone who insults the Islamic religion

There are followers of other religions than Islam, and atheists in Libya. Will they be insulted freely?

In Saudi Arabia, which supported, or rather: helped to hijack, the anti-Gadaffi movement, the regime’s religious police considers women driving cars an “insult to Islam”. Will something similar happen in Libya now?

or the state and its institutions,” referring to the start of the Nato-backed uprising in the country last year.

The NTC also enacted a law that allows for the confiscation of property and possessions of 200 of the former leader’s supporters.

And it dropped a ban against parties based on religion, tribe or ethnicity.

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