Birds in Portugal, 12 April

This 2014 video is about Cabanas town in Portugal.

Thursday 12 April.

Today is our last full day in Portugal.

Like yesterday, to Cabanas.

This video is about nature in the Algarve.

Our boat departs from Cabanas harbour. What birds will we see?

On a little beach near the harbour, turnstone and Kentish plover.

A great cormorant swims in the harbour.

A bit further, a score of house martins collect mud from a bank for their nests.



A little egret.


Sanderlings on Tavira island.

Two black-tailed godwits on a sandbank.

Grey plover on muddy bank, 12 April 2012

A grey plover.


Juvenile spoonbill near Tavira, 12 April 2012

Spoonbills, both adults with black bills; and a youngster with a pink bill.

Grey plover, Cabanas, 12 April 2012

Later, back on land, a beautiful grey plover near the harbour.

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