Archbishop Tutu against Tony Blair

This video from the USA is called “Paying The Price: Killing the Children of Iraq…” PART 1.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Desmond Tutu quits seminar in protest over presence of Tony Blair

Archbishop pulls out of South African event over former prime minster‘s support of Iraq war

Ben Quinn

Tuesday 28 August 2012 22.19 BST

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Nobel laureate and icon of the anti-apartheid struggle, has withdrawn from a seminar in South Africa in protest at the presence of Tony Blair and the former prime minister’s support for the 2003 Iraq war.

“The archbishop is of the view that Mr Blair‘s decision to support the United States’ military invasion of Iraq, on the basis of unproven allegations of the existence in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, was morally indefensible,” said Roger Friedman, a spokesman for the cleric, who won the Nobel peace prize in 1984.

“Morality and leadership are indivisible. In this context, it would be inappropriate and untenable for the archbishop to share a platform with Mr Blair,” he added. …

Muslim groups in South Africa had called for Blair to be arrested for war crimes when he arrived in South Africa.

Mustafa Darsot, a member of the South African Muslim Network executive committee, told the Mail & Guardian newspaper: “Mr Blair is complicit in the murder of thousands of people in Iraq and should be tried for war crimes.”

Supporters pointed to the website, which describes itself as a site that “offers a reward to people attempting a peaceful citizen’s arrest of the former British prime minister”.

Such protests have become an increasingly common feature of Blair’s life since he left office.

In June, a speech by him in Hong Kong on faith and globalisation was interrupted by an activist seeking to make a citizen’s arrest.

In May, his testimony to the Leveson inquiry into the media was interrupted by an activist who shouted that the former prime minister should be arrested for war crimes.

See also here.

Peace Advocates Attempt ‘War Crimes’ Arrest of Condi Rice at RNC: here.

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