Sarkozy, from Gaddafi crony to warmonger

Tony Blair colluded with the Libyan Gaddafi regime in rendition and torture of Libyan oppositionists. Tony Blair made lots of money, not just from Iraq war-linked oil, but also from advising the Gaddafi regime after mass dissent in Britain had forced him to resign prematurely and in disgrace as Prime Minister. Nevertheless, when NATO started its regime change war against Libya, Blair supported that war. A war which would result not just in the illegal death of Gaddafi, but also of many Libyan civilians. Killing and other human rights violations in Libya are still continuing now.

United States Republican senator and ex-presidential candidate John McCain used to be a Gaddafi crony. Nevertheless, when NATO started its regime change war against Libya, McCain became one of the most strident warmongers.

Another strident warmonger, maybe the most strident warmonger, in the war against Libya was Rightist French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sarkozy and Gadaffi

Today, The Arabist blog reports about Sarkozy:

On Mediapart‘s Libya-Sarkozy scoop

The French news site Mediapart has released another document it claims shows that French President Nicholas Sarkozy and his close associates had maintained backdoor ties to the Libyan government from 2005 to 2011, including a 2005–6 agreement to allegedly funnel 50 million Euros worth of Libyan money into Sarkozy’s campaign chest.

The December 10, 2006 letter in question is said to be an official correspondence between Bashir Saleh Bashir, then-head of the Libyan African Investment Portfolio, the LAP and Moussa Muhammad Koussa, former head of the Mukhabarat el-Jamahiriya (the intelligence service) who in March 2011 quit his post as Foreign Minister and fled to the UK. In the letter, Moussa informs Bashir that per the results of the two men’s October 6, 2006 meeting Sarkozy’s chief of staff Brice Hortefeux and the arms dealer Ziad Takieddine, the LAP would be responsible for making payment of 50 million Euros to Sarkozy’s election campaign. The Libyan document released last week is the first new piece of evidence to be presented by the outlet since French terrorism lawyer Jean-Charles Brisard’s walking back of testimony he gave that had described alleged secret 2005 conferences between Sarkozy’s people and the Libyan regime in 2005.

The document is the latest piece of evidence reported by Mediapart in a now 10 month-long investigation into Sarkozy’s alleged ties to the deceased Libyan dictator.

Sarkozy received 42million pounds from Colonel Gaddafi: Report: here.

Tripoli — Somali ambassador in Libya Abdiqani Mohammed Wacays said Somali immigrants in that country are facing appalling living conditions after they left from their own country for conflict: here.

Tripoli, Libya — When things got desperate in Libya last year, Aisha* thought of leaving and risking return to her native Iraq with her four children. But as other refugees from Iraq and elsewhere crossed into Tunisia, red tape and rigid officials prevented her from following: here.

Tripoli — Six months after an uprising brought down Muammar Gaddafi’s government, thousands of displaced Libyans are still living in abandoned construction sites, empty student dormitories or with host families, too afraid to return to their homes: here.

The United Nations mission for Libya has expressed its concern to the country’s authorities over the recent deaths of three people in a detention centre in the north-western city of Misrata, saying it believes that the deaths were the result of torture: here.

17 thoughts on “Sarkozy, from Gaddafi crony to warmonger

  1. Mahmoud Abbas cancels Libya trip over security

    Palestine: President Mahmoud Abbas called off a planned trip to Libya on Tuesday after a militia group surrounded the headquarters of the Libyan administration.

    A spokeman for the Palestian Authority president, who has been in Tunisia this week, was expected to go to Libya but cancelled because of security concerns.

    A militia surrounded the building of the National Transitional Council in Tripoli on Tuesday morning. Mr Abbas was scheduled to meet NTC head Mustafa Abdul-Jalil there.


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