Boris Johnson kills London Jewish festival

After the Conservative mayor of London, Boris Johnson, killed off an anti-racist music festival, he apparently continues on that wrong track.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Ken condemns Jewish festival funding block

Monday 15 June 2009

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone has condemned his successor Boris Johnson for denying funding to an annual Jewish cultural festival, forcing it to close.

Organisers of Simcha on the Square, which was the largest festival of Jewish culture in Europe, announced on Friday that the festival cannot take place this year because Mr Johnson had slashed proposed funding from £50,000 to £20,000.

In previous years Simcha on the Square had been strongly supported by Mr Livingstone’s mayor’s office, working with Jewish Culture UK, receiving an annual grant of £50,000 and free use of Trafalgar Square.

Mr Livingstone said: “Boris Johnson’s Tory administration has adopted a narrow-minded approach which will be harmful to London’s international standing and to its many communities.

“By officially recognising and celebrating Jewish culture we made clear our commitment to fighting anti-semitism.

“Simcha on the Square officially celebrated the Jewish contribution to London and gave all Londoners a chance to share the richness of Jewish culture, dance and music.”

From British daily The Independent:

Next week, David Cameron will unveil the Conservative Party’s new right-wing allies in the European Parliament. To the dismay of pro-European Tories, they include parties accused of being anti-women, racist, homophobic and in denial about climate change.

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