Olympic bonuses for London transport bosses, not for workers

This video from England is called Unjum Mirza, RMT Union: Resistance is the Best Olympic Spirit; TUC Meeting London.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

TfL boss bonus ‘a disgrace’

Friday 22 June 2012

by Rory MacKinnon

Transport for London (TfL) staff are to strike over “rank hypocrisy” of bosses who are set to take home up to £80,000 in Olympic Games bonuses – yet ordinary workers will get nothing at all.

TfL’s top seven staff will receive an average bonus of £80,000 if staff can cope with a million extra passengers per day during the course of the games, according to its unaudited annual report.

But the transport union RMT which issued the ballot said TfL had failed to recognise the increased workload for workers at the sharp end and general secretary Bob Crow said the situation “stinks like a sack of rotting fish.”

“These TfL staff will be as busy as anybody else and the attempt to bully them into bans on annual leave and unilateral changes to working conditions for virtually nothing in return is a disgrace.”

“The rank of hypocrisy of TFL managers, who stand to hit the bonus jackpot during the Olympics while offering their own directly employed staff virtually nothing, stinks like a sack of rotting fish.”

There was “no excuse” for London Mayor Boris Johnson not to intervene in their dispute as he had with the bus drivers, he added.

TfL staff are expected to begin a 24-hour walkout from 9.30pm on Sunday 1 July, with a 24-hour ban on overtime and non-contracted hours from 7pm Sunday 15 July.

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