No Olympic missiles, London workers say

This video is about the London rooftop missile plans.

Last weekend, residents at Lexington Building in London’s Bow Quarter received an unexpected item in the post. A leaflet from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) informed them that the Army planned to install a High Velocity Missile system on the roof of the complex, as part of the security arrangements for the 2012 Olympic Games in July: here.

By Rory MacKinnon in England:

Workers slam ‘gung-ho halfwits’

Friday 04 May 2012

London’s trade unionists joined the campaign to keep army missiles off the city’s rooftops yesterday.

Greenwich and Bexley Trades Council condemned a “ridiculous boys and their big toys” exercise yesterday as Bow residents gathered to discuss the missiles that army chiefs say will protect the Olympic Games.

The battery atop the Bow Quarter estate – the former Bryant and May match factory – is just one of six caches of rockets designed to shoot down planes.

But the trades council’s Dave Putson said defence officials had treated the project as nothing more than “a great PR exercise.”

The missiles themselves made the flats potential targets for a terrorist attack, he said, but defence officials haven’t even talked to locals about it.

He said that, if the missiles are shot at planes, scores of people could be killed by falling wreckage in east and south-east London.

“It is fair to say that (Greenwich and Bexley and Bow Quarter residents) are both opposed to this ridiculous ‘boys and their big toys’ plan from a bunch of gung-ho halfwits,” he said.

But defence officials insisted they had done their due diligence.

Lt Col Nick Short told the Morning Star they had thought about the missile deployment for a long time and had conducted risk assessments.

But the ministry did not routinely publish assessments as the information would then become a “how-to guide” for terrorists.

It was still not certain the ministry would deploy the missiles at all, he added.

“Drones, Missiles, and an Gunships, Oh My!” Welcome to the London Olympics by Dave Zirin: here.

Housing charity Shelter condemned landlords in east London on Tuesday who are evicting tenants in an attempt to cash in on the Olympics: here.

10 thoughts on “No Olympic missiles, London workers say

  1. Well we see war ships in the Thames fighter jets will be circling so not having missiles on roof tops is a minor detail.The drones that will surveying everyone’s actions and the police and military on the streets .we will see a different Britain after the Olympics that is for sure.


  2. A blogger was arrested on Thursday of last week for filming the Olympic construction site in Leyton Marsh, east London.

    Mike Wells, who runs the Games Monitor website, was injured as bailiffs dragged him away from Sandy Lane where he was filming.

    He was arrested and held at Leyton Custody Centre—a miniature police jail built specially for the Olympics.


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