4 thoughts on “Londoners against Olympic missiles

  1. London bus drivers to be re-balloted on strikes over Olympic Games bonus

    Around 4,000 London bus drivers are to be balloted again after a high court injunction prevented staff at three operators taking industrial action over Olympic Games bonuses. The transport workers are seeking a £500 bonus for extra work during the multi-billion pound Olympic Games.

    Three operators secured an injunction over alleged ballot irregularities last week, although thousands of drivers at 17 other operators went ahead with strikes last Friday.

    The Unite union confirmed the re-ballot as “groups of supporters staged protests outside depots used by the three operators involved in the high court ruling,” according to the Guardian newspaper.

    Transport for London (TfL)—the corporate operator of the capital’s subway and bus networks—said the impromptu protests had disrupted 33 services. TfL is expected to make tens of millions of pounds in extra bus revenues during the Olympics.

    The Guardian reported: “It is also understood that bus operators have sounded out TfL about a contribution towards an Olympic bonus, but TfL has made clear that the ODA [Olympic Delivery Authority] fund will be the limit of any taxpayer-backed contribution.”

    Further strike dates are expected to be announced in a dispute that could include up to 29,000 workers.



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