Ospreys in Sussex, England

This video is called Osprey — the ultimate fisher.

From Wildlife Extra:

Two ospreys set up home in Sussex

Two young male ospreys have set up home at Arlington Reservoir
June 2012. Eagle-eyed visitors to South East Water’s Arlington Reservoir may have spotted two young ospreys that have made the man-made beauty spot their temporary home.

The rare birds are believed to have stopped off at Arlington after their long haul migration from Africa.

South East Water Environment Manager Emma Goddard said: “These two very special fish-eating birds, who we believe are young males and not a breeding pair, have been at the reservoir for the last six to eight weeks. It’s incredible as we don’t get osprey every year, and when they do come they don’t usually stay for so long. They are obviously enjoying the tranquillity of the reservoir.

Wildlife Extra thinks they are probably Britain’s most southerly ospreys.

“It is estimated that there are around 250 to 300 breeding pairs of osprey in the UK each year and most of those are in Scotland.”

More about Arlington Reservoir is here.

June 2012. After our report last week on two ospreys at Arlington Reservoir in Sussex, we have received more reports of ospreys in Sussex. There have been regular sightings of 1-2 ospreys at Weir Wood Reservoir in Sussex, which is about 20 miles to the north of Arlington: here.

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