Welsh osprey news

This video from Wales is called Nora, soaking wet, tired, so exposed – Dyfi Osprey Project.

From Wildlife Extra:

More osprey chicks hatching around the UK

Dyfi Ospreys – One chick dies

June 2012. A pair of ospreys breeding on a Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust reserve, Cors Dyfi, has for the second year running produced three chicks. However, on May 31st the first chick to hatch died at three days old.

Dyfi Osprey Project manager Emyr Evans said “Having raised three healthy chicks for the first time last year, expectations were again high this year.

Unfortunately, the unseasonably cold and wet Welsh weather has taken its toll on the osprey chicks this year and when Nora, the mother osprey, finally stood up to feed her young family last Thursday afternoon, we knew something was wrong immediately. Two chicks were extremely weak and barely moving, but there was no sign of the eldest chick. Once we zoomed our nest cameras in a bit however, we saw him laying lifeless deep in the cup of the nest.”

Emyr went on to say “Interest in the osprey family has been phenomenal and people follow the ups and downs of the bird’s lives like a soap opera. There is a more serious angle to the project however. We are teaming up with Aberystwyth University to learn more about these magnificent birds of prey, which had, until very recently, been extinct in Wales for many centuries. This week the young osprey chicks that we satellite tracked last year are a year old and the information we have gained from this research has proved invaluable – we are literally learning more every day. We hope that now with our local University on board, we can take this research and learning to a higher level. The situation is quite simple – the more we understand about osprey ecology and migration, the more tools we have in the box to protect them and make sure they are not wiped out in Wales for a second time”

“The weather over the Jubilee weekend did not turn out as bad as initially forecast” Emyr said. “It was so sad to see the chick succumb to the weather last week but that is sometimes nature’s way of ensuring that others survive. The two remaining youngsters are growing by the hour and are feeding well.”

Dyfi Osprey Project open daily

The Dyfi Osprey Project is open everyday from10am to 6pm until early September. You can follow the ospreys, including watching them live on HD cameras, on the project’s website http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com

A group of around 70 volunteers help the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust run the Dyfi Osprey Project.

More British osprey news is here. And here.

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