London Olympics volunteer heckles David Cameron

This video is called UK Poverty – John and Donna’s story.

From daily The Independent in England:

Olympics volunteer heckles David Cameron for ‘crippling the poor

Helen Williams

Wednesday 27 June 2012

David Cameron was told he should be “ashamed of himself” as he was heckled by an official London 2012 volunteer during a speech to mark the month-to-go countdown to the start of the Olympics.

The Prime Minister was making a speech to about 200 Games Maker volunteers at a specially arranged visit to the official uniform distribution centre in east London when the protester stepped forward.

Just 22 seconds into Mr Cameron‘s speech, the protester, dressed in the purple and orange official uniform, shouted: “Shame on you, David Cameron – you are crippling the poor in London. Shame on you.”

The man tried to continue to speak but his words were drowned out by the other volunteers and he was hurriedly ushered out of the room. …

About 70,000 Games Makers have been signed up to work at the Olympics to be the “welcoming face” of the Games. They will do anything from greeting visitors to transporting athletes, helping out behind the scenes and working with the technology team to ensure competition results are displayed quickly and accurately.

See also here.

London bus workers will start fresh strikes in a dispute over an Olympics bonus, including one walkout just days before the Games start, the Unite union warned today: here.

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