Violent US homophobes threaten comedian Baron-Cohen

Shortly after an US extreme Right anti-abortion misogynist murders a doctor … shortly after an US extreme Right racist murders an African African Holocaust Museum guard … shortly after US extreme Right ‘Minuteman’ racists murder a eight-year old girl and her father … more US extreme Right violence, this time homophobic. Not against a real gay man, but against a comedian playing at being one. And fortunately, this time without lethal consequences. Next time that the far Right terrorists strike, there may not be such good luck … for gay, or for straight, people.

From Haaretz daily in Israel:


Gun-toting Americans threaten Sacha Baron Cohen at ‘Bruno‘ shoot

By Haaretz Service
Tags: Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen was reportedly threatened by a troupe of gun-toting American hunters while he was shooting his new film Bruno, in which he plays a gay Austrian TV host touring the United States.

The incident came while Baron Cohen was filming a scene in America’s Deep South with three men who were not in on the joke. When Baron Cohen began dancing naked around the group’s campfire, the men began loading their guns and the production crew was forced to flee.

In a snippet from the scene that appears in the film’s trailer, Baron Cohen is shown sitting with the three men around a campfire comparing them to the girls from “Sex and the City“. Apparently, after the three went to bed, Baron Cohen began dancing naked around the campfire, at which point the men began to load their rifles, sending the British-Jewish comedian and his crew running for the hills after their pleas for calm went unheard.

This wasn’t the only time Baron Cohen had to flee for his life while shooting the film south of the Mason-Dixon line. Last June, Baron Cohen trick[ed] locals in Fort Smith, Arkansas into coming to see a cage fighting match, with advertisements touting “$1 beer” and “hot beer”.

When the crowd arrived however, they were presented with Baron Cohen and another actor acting out homoerotic wrestling moves on one another.

The crowd reportedly did not respond well to the display, and began throwing beer cans and chairs at the actors, who were forced to flee.

Brüno film review: here.

3 thoughts on “Violent US homophobes threaten comedian Baron-Cohen

  1. Bomb thrown at gay pride march

    BRAZIL: Four men are recovering in a Sao Paulo hospital after an unidentified person threw a home-made explosive into crowds attending a gay pride parade on Sunday night.

    Parade spokesman Pedro Xavier said that it appeared that a resident bothered by the noise of the huge parade had thrown the explosive into the street from his bedroom window.

    But Mr Xavier refused to rule out a homophobic motive, noting that the attacker “was prepared – nobody has a bomb just sitting around at home.”


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