14 thoughts on “Boris Johnson stops London anti-racist music festival

  1. I can’t believe that Boris Johnson has cancelled Rise-has he nothing better to do? I found the festival extremely entertaining, safe and a place that I could educate myself about other cultures.
    The environment was so multicultural and fun! and it just goes to show that the so called leaders of this country do not want to do anything to stop racism, that is still happening daily on our streets. Instead they shove the issue under the carpet and hope it goes away! BRING BACK KEN LIVINGSTONE- He knew what this city needed!


  2. Hi uche akiti, thanks for your comment. I agree with you about the festival and Boris Johnson. I also agree that Livingstone would be a better mayor than Johnson. However, Livingstone had to fight the election with the millstone of national “new” Labour Blairism-Brownism around his neck. And so, he lost, though not as badly as the Labour party outside London.


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