10 thoughts on “African trade unions say ban ‘racist’ security firm Securicor


    Awareness through documentary films and music
    Thursday 16th August
    7pm – 2am
    @ The Salmon and Compass
    58 Penton Street , Angel,
    London N1 9PZ

    7.15pm FILM: Lake of Stars 2004

    Lake of Stars 2004 is the story of the first ever Lake of Stars
    Festival . It follows the UK group that flew over for the event and
    traces the story of the festival from Liverpool club ‘Chibuku Shake
    Shake’ right through to the palm fringed shores of Lake Malawi . It
    includes interviews with Malawian artists like Wambali Mkandawire and
    performances from Tikhu Vibrations and the Black Missionaries. It
    also focuses on Lake of Stars organisers Will Jameson and Damo Jones
    as they struggle with food poisoning and a very delayed Andy Cato…

    8.30pm: A Selection of short films including ‘Malawi Farmers Criticise
    Trade’ (Dir. Santorri Chamley):

    Exposing an international tobacco cartel that cheats smallholder
    farmers in Malawi, this film is reported by Tim Samuels and was first
    shown on BBC Newsnight on 13 June 2006. Santorri is a London-based
    journalist and documentary film director/producer, and has worked on
    films for the BBC, Channel 4 and CNN.

    9.15pm: Q&A session with Dir. Santorri Chamley and House of Good
    Health (www.houseofgoodhealth.org.uk) & Will Jameson (Organiser of
    Lake of Stars festival)

    10pm LIVE MUSIC: Ron Nkomba

    Ron Nkomba is an acoustic folk artist who writes in both English and
    Chichewa, the national language of Malawi . As well as his own
    interpretation of traditional African folk songs, his music draws upon
    experiences and influences from both the UK and Malawi which reflect
    his upbringing. Nkomba is am impassioned performer whose music
    provides insightful political commentary, from the devastating
    torrential floods of the 1940s in Malawi to present day UK politics.

    THEN ‘TIL 2AM: Afro-beats and grooves hosted by SUPA SCION (Heads
    High, Kalabash Movement) with guest DJ ERIC SOUL (Afrogroov)

    Born in Rwanda , grew up in Belgium , living in London , Eric Soul has
    built a global reputation over the years as a true musical activist.
    With a unique mix of hip hop, soul and global urban sounds, Eric Soul
    established himself as one of the most original DJs on the
    Belgian/UK/Worldwide circuit. http://www.myspace.com/ericsoulafrogro ov

    ****************************** ***
    Watch out for Kalabash Movement 3rd Thursday of every month:
    20th September – Kalabash Kenya in collaboration with African
    Liberation Support Campaign Network (ALISC Network)
    18th October Kalabash Nigeria
    15th November Kalabash South Africa

    Kalabash World is an organisation that seeks to promote awareness
    through film and music. Each event is designed to encourage
    recognition of the rich diversity between African Nations, to
    celebrate cultural heritage and explore socio-political situations.
    We aim to give a platform to Musicians and Independent film makers and
    encourage a wider audience to appreciate their works
    http://www.kalabashmovement.com http://www.myspace.com/kalabashworld

    Any press enquiries to: Lauren Roth de Wolf Email:
    lauren@kalabashworld.com http://www.kalabashmovement.com 020 7482 4835 /
    07968 199 292

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