16 thoughts on “G4S mercenaries killed Australian Aboriginal elder

  1. Sacred stone no longer for sale

    RELIGION: A sacred Aboriginal stone was withdrawn from a British auction today following a public outcry in Australia.

    An unidentified woman, who was given the unremarkable-looking artefact as a present while in Australia in the 1960s, had it listed for sale for up to £6,000.

    But the sale provoked outrage 10,000 miles away because the stone is considered of such spiritual power and importance that it should never be sold.


  2. Serco dumps 500 in cost-cut plan

    INDUSTRY: Giant privateer group Serco is to chop 500 jobs in Britain as part of a shake-up in the way it provides back-office services to public and private-sector organisations worldwide.

    The outsourcing group, which is involved in a wide range of industries — including prisons, banking, health and defence — said today that it was merging its business processing operations into one global division.

    The merger, combined with an overhaul of its British management structure, will lead to 500 job losses — most of which will fall at the company’s office in Hook, near Basingstoke.


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