Setback for G4S corporate refugee killers

This is a music video by British punk band Crass, of Securicor (another name for G4S corporation). Lyrics are here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Border Agency ditches deportation company

Friday 29 October 2010

by Paddy McGuffin

The company responsible for deporting detainees from the UK will be replaced from next year, the UK Border Agency said today.

G4S will lose its contract for escorting detainees, both within the UK and on deportation flights, from next May but will continue to manage immigration removal centres.

Last week, three civilian security guards employed by G4S were arrested over the death of Angolan Jimmy Mubenga while he was being deported from the UK, but the agency said that today’s decision had been made in August and had nothing to do with Mr Mubenga’s death.

The deportation escort contract has been handed to Reliance Security Task Management Limited.

Reliance already manages several contracts for the Prison Service. The agency said the firm was identified as the lead bidder in August and that decision had not changed since.

Mr Mubenga, 46, collapsed on a plane at Heathrow Airport, apparently having been restrained by guards, while being escorted back to his homeland on October 12.

Witnesses have stated that he had been complaining of being unable to breathe before he collapsed.

The death of Mr Mubenga is not the only alleged incident of G4S security guards using excessive force.

In May last year an African national was so badly beaten during his deportation at the hands of G4S security guards that a French pilot refused to allow him on the flight.

In November 2008, an investigation was launched into allegations that Cameroonian Anselme Noumbiwa suffered similar brutality.

He, too, was deported to Paris where an Air France pilot refused to fly him to Africa and contacted police over the barbarity of his treatment.

G4S and death of Australian Aborigine: here.

Three years after Aboriginal elder Mr Ward was cooked to death in the back of a prison van travelling from Laverton to Kalgoorlie, charges have been laid against the four parties found responsible by coroner Alistair Hope: here.

Jimmy Mubenga family call for inquiry into deportation syste: here.

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10 thoughts on “Setback for G4S corporate refugee killers

  1. Serco says sorry for cashback plea

    BUSINESS: Outsourcing giant Serco apologised today for sending letters to its suppliers demanding rebates in the face of government spending cuts.

    The infamous privateer, which runs prisons, detention centres, schools and nuclear facilities for the government, wrote to its biggest 193 suppliers to ask for a 2.5 per cent retrospective cash rebate on contracts in the first half of the 2010 calendar year.

    Serco issued a statement yesterday retracting the letter and apologising “unreservedly” to following reports that the government – Serco’s main customer – is furious about the company’s suppliers being squeezed.


  2. Protest held over deportation death

    IMMIGRATION: A protest will take place in London tomorrow over the death of Jimmy Mubenga during an attempt to deport him last month.

    The protest, which is being organised by the Justice for Jimmy Mubenga Campaign, will assemble outside the Angolan Embassy on Dorset Street at 10.30am and then march to the Home Office.

    The Angolan national collapsed and died after allegedly being restrained by security guards aboard a flight from Heathrow on October 12.


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