22 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s attack on socialism, why?

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  5. Today, Donald Trump will sign his “national emergency” to build a racist wall along the southern border.

    This afternoon, he’ll head to Mar-a-Lago. For golf. And well-done steaks.

    But to build this wall, via an unconstitutional grab of Congressional powers, Trump is unilaterally taking $3.5 BILLION out of Department of Defense construction budget funds – funds that benefit troops and their families.

    Make a $3 donation to VoteVets today and we’ll put it right to work elevating the voices of veterans and military family members fighting against Trump’s racist border wall.

    This wall is a national disgrace and a stain on our nation. Let’s fight together to keep it from happening.

    Thanks for chipping in,

    Jon Soltz
    Iraq War Veteran and Chairman


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