5 thoughts on “United States Democrats give in to Trump’s xenophobia

  1. Last night Trump held his rally in El Paso – a gathering that he said was supposed to show the impact a wall can have in decreasing crime.

    Here are the facts: crime in El Paso was down well before a wall – and after it was built there was even a slight uptick. But facts be damned with this president, so here’s the real point:

    The wall Trump wants to build would do little more than serve as a monument to his racism. The wall is a moral abomination. But even more to the point, using the United States military to build the wall would affect our nation’s military readiness due to taking troops and money away from training.

    That is why we have a critical role to play in stopping that effort:

    Sign VoteVets’ petition today: tell Trump we are wildly OPPOSED to any effort to deploy military service members or resources to build a racist wall along the southern border.

    Time after time – from hiring freezes, to shutdowns, to efforts to privatize the VA, and now this wall – Trump has taken action to harm and demoralize the military, veterans, and military families. It’s up to us to make that clear… and to fight back.

    All my best,

    Jon Soltz
    Iraq War Veteran and Chairman


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