First ever landing on dark side of moon

This 2 January 2019 video says about itself:

First Photos: China Lands Probe on Dark Side of the Moon

China successfully landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon Thursday, becoming the first country to ever land on the side of the moon that faces away from Earth.

CHINA LANDS ON THE FAR SIDE OF THE MOON China became the first nation to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon, the country’s state-run media announced, a milestone that solidifies Beijing’s ambitions to become a world leader in space exploration. [HuffPost]

China’s landing of a scientific probe on the far side of the Moon has led to a rash of media speculation, in the US in particular, about a new international space race amid heightened tensions between the two countries over economic issues, including trade, and a massive American military build-up in Asia against China: here.

Seeds on board China’s Chang’e-4 mission have sprouted, marking the first time any biological matter has grown on the moon.

China’s lunar rover may have found minerals from the moon’s mantle. New observations could answer questions about how Earth’s nearest neighbor evolved. By Maria Temming, 1:00pm, May 15, 2019.

Israel’s first moon mission lost moments before landing. The spacecraft’s engine cut out just before it was to touch down in the Sea of Serenity. By Maria Temming, 5:06pm, April 11, 2019.

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