13 thoughts on “Trump threatens violence against his US opponents

  1. Have you been following this? The Trump Administration just rolled out MAJOR budget cuts to …

    The EPA
    The Land and Water Conservation Fund
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    Great Lakes cleanup funding
    Science funding at NASA
    Chesapeake Bay protection
    Renewable energy research funding at the Department of Energy
    The Department of the Interior
    The Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund
    Endangered species conservation funding
    The Fish and Wildlife Service

    Virtually every agency that helps protect our environment is seeing its budgets slashed under Trump’s budget proposal. This is a moment that calls for major resistance from the environmental movement.

    We need to be flooding member offices with calls and letters. We need to be holding rallies. We need to be organizing in districts. To do that we need you.

    A major donor is TRIPLE MATCHING every gift to this campaign. Please, make an emergency contribution today »

    Lola: I want you to know, we have a real shot at blocking Trump’s latest attack. Earlier this week, members from both sides of the aisle forced Trump into his first ever veto. Republicans are starting to learn that they don’t have to vote with Trump every time — and a lot of the programs Trump is attempting to cut are MASSIVELY popular with the public

    We need to keep the pressure up — but right now, it takes resources we don’t have. If everyone reading this right now pitched in — even just $5 — we’d blow through our $250,000 fundraising goal in minutes. A donor is offering a triple match, so your contribution goes even further than usual if you give today.

    Please confirm.

    PROGRESS: 30% to goal
    NAME: Lola Falstad
    SUPPORTER EMAIL: hde_tollenaere@zonnet.nl


    Thanks so much, Lola. We’ll be in touch soon with next steps.


    Gene Karpinski
    League of Conservation Voters


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