Oklahoma, other United States teachers fight for their rights

This video from the USA says about itself:

Oklahoma teachers and students speak out

Students and teachers speak on the impossible financial situation facing Oklahoma teachers, and the effect of budget cuts on the arts.

Kentucky teachers denounce [Republican party] governor for saying students were “sexually assaulted” due to walkout: here.

State Republicans in Oklahoma are preparing to introduce a series of bills on February 4 that would punish teachers for striking, participating in political activities and exercising their freedom of speech. The bills are designed to intimidate teachers who are once again considering strike action to win significant improvements in pay and school funding: here.

THE KENTUCKY GOVERNOR HAS APOLOGIZED After saying Friday’s teacher strikes in the state would result in a child being sexually assaulted or ingesting poison. [HuffPost]

12 thoughts on “Oklahoma, other United States teachers fight for their rights

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