Little bird brings Bernie Sanders big election victories

This is another video about the Portland, Oregon, female house finch’s appearance at the Bernie Sanders United States presidential election rally. Where one sees the bird at closer range than in the other videos in my earlier blog post.

This video says about itself:

Bird At Bernie Sanders Rally Feels The Bern

26 March 2016

Bernie Sanders was giving a speech at a rally when a bird flew on stage. Then onto his lectern. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, and Jordan Chariton (TYT Politics), hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Portland literally “put a bird on it” at a Bernie Sanders rally in Oregon … .

A bird landed on the Democratic presidential candidate’s podium during his speech, and the crowd went wild.

“That bird really is a dove asking us for world peace,” Sanders said.

The “put a bird on it” slogan was made famous by the sketch comedy show “Portlandia.”

Read more here.

The Young Turks commenters mention that this songbird would have been received far less kindly at a Donald Trump rally, deducing from the habitual violence against interlopers at Trump meetings (and, one may say, the enmity between Trump and birds; especially between Trump and bald eagles).

The name of the bird at the Sanders rally is house finch in English. In Dutch, it is ‘Mexicaanse roodmus’; literally, Mexican red sparrow. Their scientific name, Haemorhous mexicanus, means roughly the same. A name for it in Spanish is pinzón mexicano, Mexican finch.

The ‘Mexican’ provides another reason why this songbird would have been very unwelcome to Donald Trump. The ‘red’ is more ambiguous. Red is the colour of Trump’s United States Republican Party. But red is also the colour of international socialism; so, an unwelcome reference to Trump’s rival Sanders.

Bernie Sanders’ Bird Shows Us How Great Our Politics Can Be. As Donald Trump gives us the bird, the Bern brings us a dove: here.

Sanders and house finch

Today, there is news of big victories of Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in Democratic party caucuses in Alaska, Washington state and Hawaii.

The Huffington Post in the USA reports that in Alaska Sanders won 81,6% of the vote with victories in all counties.

In Hawaii (most votes counted, but not all yet), Sanders had 70,6% of the vote. And in Washington state 72,7%; with victories in all counties.

35 thoughts on “Little bird brings Bernie Sanders big election victories

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  2. Our campaign was just declared the winner of two more states: Washington State with 101 delegates, and Alaska with 16 delegates. These are our fourth and fifth wins out of the last six results, and there’s still another caucus today where we expect to do very well.

    We’ll be in touch with the results from Hawaii, but this is shaping up to be a tremendous day for our campaign. And with a big showdown in Wisconsin on the horizon, it’s important that we keep the momentum going.

    Make a $3 contribution to our campaign today and we can win this Democratic primary, the White House, and take our country back from the billionaire class.

    When we started this campaign no one thought we would win a single state, let alone 13 out of the first 31. No one thought we could compete financially with the most prolific fundraiser in Democratic Party history, especially by relying on small-dollar contributions from working Americans.

    We keep proving the political establishment and corporate media wrong. And if we continue to stand together, we are going to win.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


  3. This is so adorable, the bird flying in. I am not a socialist therefore I am strongly against the nomination of Bernie Sanders. We must be careful what we wish for.


      • In 1985Sanders a professed socialist praised the values Fidel Castro had “inflicted’ on Cuba. A Sanders “revolution” (his words) would be a disaster here. I know it would be nice to have free education free healthcare. But some one is paying for that, the middle class. The back bone of this country. Wake up.


          • If you will read my comment again you will notice that I said the moddle class is the back bone of America the everyday working man and woman, not billionaires and I stick by that.


            • Yes, I read that. And, compared to the 1950s and 1960s, inequality between the 1% and the 99% has increased enormously, after all deregulations, privatisations, tax cuts for rich people etc. of the Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush days. Many people who used to be called middle class are much poorer now. Bernie Sanders wants to change that, not by taxing these people, but the 1% richest people,

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