Birdie Sanders, new sticker from the USA

Birdie Sanders sticker

From Jeff Weaver, of the campaign of Bernie Sanders for president of the USA:

A little birdie told Bernie we were going to do very, very well last weekend

The day before we swept three critical West Coast caucuses, Bernie’s rally in Portland was momentarily interrupted when a little bird landed on his podium. The crowd in attendance loved it, and word spread quickly among our supporters across the country. So we decided to make a sticker to commemorate the event.

Make a contribution of ANY AMOUNT to our campaign and we’ll get this Birdie Sanders sticker out to you in the mail.

We have a very limited number of stickers, so this email is probably your only chance to get one. All you have to do is make a contribution of ANY AMOUNT and we’ll get it out in the mail.

Thank you for standing with Bernie… and Birdie.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

The bird on the sticker is more colourful (blue, the Democratic party colour) than the female house finch landing at Bernie Sanders‘ Portland rally.

This is another video about the Portland, Oregon, female house finch’s appearance at the Bernie Sanders United States presidential election rally.

This video from the USA says about itself:

House Finch Family June 19 2010

On May 25th mom and dad Finch built this nest on our front porch. June 19th is when we first noticed their offspring had hatched.

The Hillary Clinton campaign and its backers in the media are increasing the pressure on Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to end his campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Clinton campaign aides waged a full-court media campaign Monday, effectively reneging on a previous agreement to debate Sanders in April and May, declaring that Sanders had violated previous pledges not to engage in “negative” advertising, and claiming that Clinton would clinch the number of delegates required for the nomination by the end of April: here.

27 thoughts on “Birdie Sanders, new sticker from the USA

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  2. Everyone loves Birdie Sanders, but these stickers are about to fly away!

    A little birdie said hello to Bernie this week at a rally. Everyone LOVES the Birdie Sanders stickers we made to celebrate, but they’re going very quickly. This is your absolute LAST CHANCE to get a Birdie Sanders sticker. You won’t hear from us again about it. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

    Make ANY contribution to our campaign to receive your Birdie Sanders sticker. This is your LAST CHANCE!

    Contribute any amount and receive our Birdie Sanders sticker

    Get Your Sticker »

    We can’t be clear enough: this is your last opportunity to get Birdie Sanders stickers. They’ll disappear before tomorrow night’s FEC fundraising deadline.

    Contribute ANY amount right now and we’ll put your Birdie Sanders sticker in the mail.

    Don’t wait – early bird gets the sticker!

    In solidarity,

    Jeff Weaver
    Campaign Manager
    Bernie 2016


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  20. We will never forget the moment on the 2016 campaign trail when a little birdie landed on Senator Sanders’s podium in Oregon.

    That moment—serendipitous, loving, and joyfully passionate—is what Our Revolution is channeling into a sustained movement for progressive change.

    After 18 months of organizing, we wanted to update our look to reflect the energy and passion that we felt when Our Revolution first launched.

    Our goal was to create a look that represents the voice and identity of our local groups, volunteers, and members—in other words—all of you. Our new look is intended to represent all that we are fighting for and symbolizes the feedback we received on what Our Revolution means to you.

    As we wondered how we could capture the energy of our movement, we kept coming back to that little bird. Birdie Sanders represents the everlasting endurance of our movement, the flight of our passion, and a little bit of magic.

    Now, you can represent Our Revolution by rocking the bird that inspired millions of us.

    While our look has changed, our identity of grassroots activism, progressive values, local empowerment, and revitalizing our democracy remains the same. Our local groups, members, and supporters are fierce advocates for social change, rebels against the status quo, with a mandate to organize everywhere.

    You can represent the political revolution too, by sporting our new look. Find your favorite gear in the Our Revolution online store!

    We’re so excited to continue this journey together to fully realize the future we all believe in.

    In solidarity,

    The Team at Our Revolution


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