Bernie Sanders’ election victory in Nevada, USA

This 2 April 2016 video from Nevada in the USA says about itself:

Final delegate count Clark county Nevada. Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada! Crowd goes crazy.

From DeathAndTaxes in the USA:

Sanders wins surprise victory in Nevada county convention

Jordan Freiman / April 3, 2016

In a result that most people did not see coming, Bernie Sanders came out of the Clark County convention on Saturday night with more delegates than Hillary Clinton, essentially flipping the results of the Nevada caucus from February.

Nevada has a three step process for assigning delegates to presidential candidates. Step one was the caucus, when 23 delegates were assigned. Step two was Saturday’s county conventions, which are used to select the delegates that will go on to the third step, the state convention, where the remaining 12 delegates will be assigned based on the proportion of delegates won in the county conventions.

According to the Las Vegas Sun there were 3,825 delegates, 915 elected alternates, and 604 unelected alternates at the Clark County convention (out of a possible 9,000, but an important part of being a delegate is actually showing up when needed). The final results in Clark County were 2,964 for Sanders and 2,386 for Clinton, which will allow Sanders to send 1,613 delegates to the state convention against Clinton’s 1,298.

Again, from the Las Vegas Sun:

What that means is the delegates from Clark County — along with the delegates selected by Nevada’s other counties Saturday — will attend the state convention in May, where they will help select delegates to go to July’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. But, because of the way delegate-selection rules work in Nevada, they will only get to decide the proportion of 12 delegates — five pledged party leaders and elected official delegates and seven at-large delegates — that go to each candidate.

Saturday’s result does not affect the 23 delegates that were assigned in February’s caucus, but Sanders’ unexpected win in the county convention combined with the narrow margin of defeat from the caucus means he can now take the majority of delegates from Nevada.

Put far more simply by Sanders’ state director Joan Kato, “We pretty much won Nevada.”

9 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ election victory in Nevada, USA

  1. Here’s the truth, Linda: this is probably the most important three week stretch of the campaign.

    In just two days Wisconsin votes, and after winning six of our last seven contests, the outcome there will go a long way toward determining who has the momentum heading into New York’s primary.

    But more importantly, there are a lot of delegates at stake on Tuesday, and we are organizing and fighting for each and every one of them. But so are Hillary Clinton and her backers in the political and financial establishment. They’d love nothing more than to halt our momentum in Wisconsin.

    Back when everyone was laughing at us, we were down 40 points in Wisconsin. Now they are desperate to stop us. But if we stand together through Tuesday, we are going to win:

    Make a $3 contribution to Bernie’s campaign today and we are going to win Wisconsin. This is the most important three week stretch of the campaign, so there’s no more important time to contribute than right now.

    As far as we’ve come in this campaign and in Wisconsin, it would feel terrible to come up just short on Tuesday night. But you should know that every hour between now and the time the polls close, our supporters are working hard to turn out each every vote. Your contribution goes toward supporting their work, and that’s why it’s so important you make one today.

    In solidarity,

    Jeff Weaver
    Campaign Manager
    Bernie 2016


  2. This is what our wins from six of the last seven contests look like, with our expected delegate totals. I’ll be blunt: I very, very much want to add Wisconsin to this list Tuesday night.

    Democrats Abroad – 3/21
    Bernie Sanders: 69% (9 delegates)
    Hillary Clinton: 31% (4 delegates)

    Idaho – 3/22
    Bernie Sanders: 78% (17 delegates)
    Hillary Clinton: 21% (5 delegates)

    Utah – 3/22
    Bernie Sanders: 79% (26 delegates)
    Hillary Clinton: 20% (6 delegates)

    Alaska – 3/26
    Bernie Sanders: 82% (13 delegates)
    Hillary Clinton: 18% (3 delegates)

    Hawaii – 3/26
    Bernie Sanders: 70% (17 delegates)
    Hillary Clinton: 30% (8 delegates)

    Washington – 3/26
    Bernie Sanders: 73% (74 delegates)
    Hillary Clinton: 27% (27 delegates)

    Make your $3 contribution right now and help ensure that Bernie wins Wisconsin on Tuesday.

    If we win Wisconsin on Tuesday, we’ll have the momentum we need to win New York State and absolutely astound the political establishment. But as good as a win in Wisconsin would be, it would be more devastating to fall just short.

    Let’s make sure we add Wisconsin to the win column. Add your contribution now.

    In solidarity,

    Jeff Weaver
    Campaign Manager
    Bernie 2016


  3. Monday 4th March 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    DEMOCRATIC socialist candidate Bernie Sanders told an audience in Milwaukee at the weekend that, as president, he would “do exactly the opposite” of everything Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has done.

    Republican Mr Walker came to national attention in 2011 for his offensive against public-sector trade unions.

    Mr Sanders had earlier spoken to a largely African-American audience in northern Milwaukee, telling them that police officers who break the law in shooting unarmed citizens “must be held accountable.”

    His opponent, Establishment candidate Hillary Clinton, reminded Democrats in Wisconsin, who vote in their primary tomorrow, that she has always been one of them, unlike Mr Sanders, a long-term independent.

    She mentioned her membership and support for the Democratic Party five times in the first few minutes of her speech at the Milwaukee banquet.

    She said: “I am a proud Democrat and I support Democrats up and down the ticket, always have and always will.”

    Ninety six delegates are at stake in Wisconsin. Ms Clinton’s lead has dropped to 228 after Mr Sanders won in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii last weekend.


  4. Monday 4th April 2016

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    US REPUBLICAN bigwigs are prepared to split the party in order to stop Donald Trump becoming president, a leading member based in Britain said yesterday.

    Republicans Overseas vice-chairwoman Jan Halper-Hayes has revealed details of plans being made by senior members of the party to run an alternative candidate if Mr Trump wins the Republican nomination.

    The bigoted billionaire is leading the race with 736 of the 1,237 nominations needed to seal his place on the ballot paper at the Republican convention in July.

    But Ms Halper-Hayes predicted the Republican Party “might split off” because leaders are “very, very upset” about the prospect of Mr Trump becoming its candidate.

    “That there could be another political party coming up is a very, very real possibility,” she told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics.

    “There are already plans in the works as a back-up if Trump gets it.

    “People who are part of the Republican national committee, some of the standing members, have started to discuss the issue.”

    Her comments come after a week in which Mr Trump said women who have abortions should be punished and refused to rule out the prospect of using nuclear weapons against Europe.

    Eric Lee, spokesman for Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders’s campaign in Britain, told the Star: “The Republican Party appears to be heading for an electoral catastrophe, and that’s the good news.

    “Neither of the main Republican candidates, neither Trump nor [Ted] Cruz, would be anything other than disasters for America as president.

    “Of the two Democratic candidates, only one — Bernie Sanders — easily beats both Cruz and Trump, according to polls.”


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