44 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton made Trump president, book review

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  12. Dear Friends and Activists,

    There is a new book out by a diehard Clinton partisan making the case
    that the ONLY reason she lost is because of the late October surprise
    of the Comey letter, that he was possibly reopening the inquiry into
    her emails.

    This is stupidity on steroids. To buy the it’s all Comey’s fault
    argument you would have to believe that there is no such thing, and
    there could never be such a thing, as an October surprise.

    Clinton lost because her campaign strategy was to cut it too close,
    literally to shine on the critical swing states, a number of which
    she never even bothered to visit. Her campaign strategy was to try to
    barely squeak by, and so of course something like the Comey letter
    was enough to tip the scales in the other direction. When you hang
    your campaign on a thread, anything can break it, and you must expect
    that it will break. Anything else is campaign manager malpractice.

    Clinton’s obligation as a candidate was to unify the Democratic base.
    She could not have been a more miserable failure in this. All she
    ever offered to half the base was insincere lip service. She
    continued to play footsie with the poison pill of the TPP until the
    bitter end. In this she did the exact thing that has been the knock
    on the Clintons all along, cynical triangulation.

    One of her closest long time confidants, Terry McAuliffe, was quoted
    saying that she was absolutely still planning on signing the TPP if
    she ever had the chance. For Clinton’s own part, she did everything
    she could have possibly done to kiss the White House goodbye.

    Clinton had the right post convention slogan, “Stronger Together,”
    but failed to do the one thing that would have made it real, picking
    a real progressive for her VP. It could have been Bernie, which we
    advocated for, it could even have been Elizabeth Warren. With either
    one she would have walked into the end zone of the White House, and
    taken big margins in Congress too.

    But she mocked her own slogan with the worst possible corporate Kaine
    pick, like VA was somehow the most important swing state. In the year
    of the outsider she moved aggressively to the inside.

    Worst of all, instead of reaching out to the progressive wing of the
    Democratic party in a meaningful way, to embrace them and to include
    them, her supporters continued to heap scathing derision on them,
    guilt tripping them, savaging them, projecting sexist contempt,
    calling them “bros,” even directed at female Bernie supporters, which
    continues even to this day.

    What a swell way to turn out the vote for Clinton. Even today, those
    who say such things have learned nothing.

    Just the other day, someone wrote us blaming Clinton’s loss entirely
    on Bernie, because he criticized her at all during the campaign. What
    was he supposed to run as . . . a Clinton endorser? If Bernie’s
    questions, as mild as they were, about why we could not see her Wall
    Street speeches, which people basically got to read eventually anyway
    because of the Podesta hack, were enough to bring Clinton down in the
    general election, there is NO Republican she could have ever beaten.

    Bernie NEVER ran a negative ad. What was Clinton’s campaign founded
    on, the premise that nobody would ever run a negative ad against her,
    and that if anyone did it would kill her chances entirely? This is
    the very definition of a weak, and therefore losing, campaign.

    How many Republicans said so much, so much worse about Trump during
    the campaign, calling him a total con man and a fraud, and properly
    so? Were they the excuse that Trump did not win? Oh, that’s right, he
    did win.

    Most of all, even without the Comey last minute letter, by failing to
    mobilize the base the best Clinton could hope for was to barely win
    the White House, while still not taking back Congress. The best she
    could hope for was an even more vicious lock her up inquisition from
    still Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

    So which is it? Is it all Bernie’s fault? Is it all Comey’s fault?
    And the true answer is that it is all Clinton’s own fault, and nobody

    How do you spend a billion dollars, more than twice as much as the
    other side, and still lose? The Clinton campaign is your hand over
    fist money burning model. How do you lose to the most unpopular
    presidential candidate in history? And the answer is . . . by being
    the second most unpopular candidate in history.

    We take our stands on the merits of policy. That’s why we continue to
    stand with Bernie . . . on policy. Get your own Bernie Forever cap
    and stand with us.

    Bernie Forever caps: https://www.utalk.us/?g=2:F

    Dedicate your life to taking back Congress this coming November.
    Demonstrate that with any of our positive upcoming election message


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